James Chocolates Chilli Pepper Bar

I’ve tried a couple of the small James chocolate bars in the past, including the Strawberry & Black Pepper and the Raspberry & Mint and loved them. This Chilli Pepper bar isn’t in the same category obviously. But having tried those meek and mild bars, I wasn’t prepared for this bar as it was very hot – it burns the back of your throat!! It’s definitely not as hot as the Pleasure and Pain bar, but its pretty close!

I’m just glad its only a 50g bar as I don’t think I could manage any more than the odd “square” every few days. I absolutely love chilli chocolate, but this was fairly extreme.

The chocolate is nicely dark (at 80%) with a wonderfully bitter after-taste that subsides into the powerful chilli pepper flavour. It’s definitely one that should be tried if you’re into “hot” chocolate.


Tate: 75% – its very nice chocolate, and great as a “warm me up” in these dark December months!

Texture: 75% – nice and crisp.

Appearance: 65% – the design is kept to a minimum and the chocolate itself does the talking.

Price: 60% at £1.80 its a touch costly, but its worth trying.

Nutritional Information: 60% – there’s sufficient.

Overall: 67%. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Buy direct from James Chocolates.

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  • Hey Lee,
    Go for the Akesson’s and you will be find some best of chocolats in this segment:
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    Greetings Geert