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After this most hectic of days where I’ve probably worked harder in four days than any other five day week, my brain is almost dead, it’s numb, it just cannot absorb any more information. So reaching for this bar of ‘raw’ 72% bean to bar that has the label stating that it is ‘superfood chocolate’, I should be able to witness a noticeable improvement of my cognitive ability …

… I’m still waiting. Perhaps in just a little longer I’ll be up there with Einstein and Stephen Fry. I am a firm believer in the ability of food-stuffs to directly affect, in a beneficial manner, our health and mood. But I suppose just the thought that I should be more clever after consuming this chocolate should at least bring me up to an Alan Davies standard of intelligence?

Being a ‘bean to bar’ chocolate maker I was disappointed that the origin of the beans weren’t displayed on the packaging, but only on their website. But at least there is some provenance there and those who have tried a few bars from Peru might like to compare this chocolate, in its ‘raw’ form with that of chocolate from other parts of the elongated nation.

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Visually the wrapping is more functional, 2001 A Space Odyssey than beautiful. Although, as a fairly new, at relatively obscure company, it’s doubtful they have the resources to develop a more obscure and engaging design? But this isn’t a chocolate bar that requires a coffee morning to discuss. This is functional chocolate at its most direct. It claims to be full of antioxidant polyphenols so that’s how I’ll judge it on – if only I knew how. Returning to type …

… the aroma is dark, intense and definitely ‘fine’. Here they claim the bean to be pure Criollo – none of that hybrid rubbish. And the nose doesn’t suggest anything different. Snap is sharp, direct and crisp and you can tell there’s no nonsense going on in its production.

Often ‘raw’ chocolate has a very metallic flavour, and although it’s present here, it’s very much in the background of the very mild, but true, chocolate flavour. There isn’t the wild rolling, kaleidoscope of flavour you would expect from a fully processed bar of Criollo chocolate, but it has its own merits. It’s incredibly clean, smooth and, most importantly, enjoyable. For the past two days it’s been sat by my desk, serving as culinary distraction when the spreadsheets have turned into a Matrix-like haze and I’m very much grateful that I’ve had it to hand.

But the most important test: I have now established how to turn the Dyson on. Thus the chocolate works!

Quick Rating:
  • 77% – actually very good for raw chocolate, and a damn good price.

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