iPhone Chococase

Chocolate iPhone Case

The splendid people at Mobile Fun asked if I’d like to try out one of their chocolate iPhone 3GS cases and see what I thought of it. As I’ve bought a fair amount of stuff from them in the past I didn’t getting more stuff from them in the post.

I must admit I’ve already got an iPhone rubber case as I dropped my last iPhone and it just stopped working. For some reason Carphone Warehouse still repaired it for free. I used to take the dog out and would try and keep up-to-date with work emails Facebook and then stupidly put it in a hoody pocket and then it’d fall onto the ground.

I didn’t know exactly what the packaging would be like, but on reflection I would have expected it to be more like a Dairy Milk Bar, just as the chocolate calculator was. But this one perhaps did look a bit more like a Hershey’s bar or some other American chocolate bar than any English chocolate bar I could think of. It’s not taking anything away from the aesthetics as it still looks good enough to give as a birthday present or as a stocking filler at Christmas.

On the back it seemed to indicate that the case would allow you to stand your iPhone virtually vertical, but with the endless amount of trying, I couldn’t manage to do it. It’s no loss really as I never seem to want to stand my iPhone up to watch anything.

Chocolate iPhone Case

What I was surprised with, however, was the smoothness of the case.

Chocolate iPhone Case

I expected the texture to be more like my black “rubber tyre” case which is made of much more sticky rubber. This chococase actually felt like a bar of Galaxy which says more about the case than it does the chocolate bar although the 20 buttons could have had numbers on them to make it more realistic.

Chocolate iPhone Case

The fit was perfect. The screen area was completely visible and felt very snug.

Chocolate iPhone Case

The bits holes around the cable input and audio output were in the right places and everything seemed to be spot on.

Chocolate iPhone Case

When it came to the drop test I had no problem with dropping my phone on the desk from a few inches (nothing too high!) and the chococase did the job well!

Chocolate iPhone Case

One of the things I was most worried about before it arrived was the ability to remove the phone from a pair of jeans to take a call. With the chocolate squares side flat against my leg there was absolutely no problem taking the iPhone out of my pocket.

And even the other way around it was as easy as was needed. Now if I had my tight jeans on (going to an 80’s party if anyone asks ;-0 ) it may be a bit more an issue!

But it’s the price that does let it down. Perhaps I’m tight, as I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to spend £13.47 on an iPhone case, and that’s why I had to wait until Christmas to get my other one as a present, but if you’re thinking of getting someone that has an iPhone, loves chocolate and is a bit clumsy, like me, then getting them a Chococase for a birthday gift or a Christmas present the Chococase may be a very good idea.

As a quick rating I’d give this a score of 70% as it does exactly what it’s supposed to – stop your iPhone from breaking and to raise a few smiles from your friends!

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