Idilio Origins Selection Cata Ocumare

It’s a sad indictment on my busyness (but not my business) that I’ve only reviewed found time to review two chocolate bars made with cocoa from the Ocumare de la Costa de Oro municipality of Venezuela, which as many would have gathered, is a coastal region of Venezuela. Interestingly I loved the 70% bar but was ambivalent to the 30% milk chocolate – both made by Amano and both from Ocumarian cocoa. Looking at the track record of Odilio with their exceptional Finca Torres 72% and fantastic Porcelana bars, this has to be good.

When I placed the chocolate up to my nose I almost melted. The aroma is intensely rich with a late-summer’s day scent and the cocoa nibs are most certainly recognisable as the appeared to be a natural sweetness that is unmistakeably “cocoa nib”. The texture is also sublime. I know the purest will either love it because it includes the crunch of the seeds of the most delightful fruit known to mankind, or may feel it distracts from the smoothness that the chocolate naturally exhibits. I’m firmly in the former camp. I just love the crunch of cocoa nibs and the variable texture it offers.

Interestingly I actually found the flavour incredibly mild. Despite containing the cocoa nibs the 72% chocolate which has been conched for 48hours was lacking. Unlike most other small batch chocolate I’ve reviewed which seems to dominate the mouth with intense flavour, this only seems to sooth the tip of the tongue. And therein lies the rub: I absolutely adore rumbustious chocolate, but even though I feel disappointed that this bar isn’t as domineering as others, should it be still be appreciated? I’d have to err on the side that this bar didn’t come up to my expectations, especially given how good their other bars have been.

For all the sweet, interesting flavour given by the coca nibs, there isn’t much else to talk about. The aroma might have been elegant, but that’s about it – which is a shame. So I’d have got give it a quick rating of 63%.




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