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Reviewing the amount of chocolate I do, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to really be in awe of the stuff. Even though I love chocolate cake, 99% of them offer pretty much the same experience: nice but really worth the calories! Of course we’re talking the other 1% when it comes to Lucky’s cakes. You’ve seen one chocolate cake, you’ve seen them all – right? Wrong!

This is my third encounter with the Alice in Wonderland inspired creations inspired and I’ve never managed to be anything utterly thrilled by what they’ve made. Of course these presented with nothing but soft, fluffy, exuberance. They’re packaged like high-class fashion shops: not a lot on the rails, but what is there is of the finest quality – and with a price to match. Ordinary people won’t want to pay £30 for three cakes – and that’s the point. We’re talking exclusivity, decadence and the desire to truly impress the lucky person you’ll gift them to. You can’t get that in your local supermarket. Ordinary people are boring when it comes guilt-laden culinary extravagances.

Cocoa Rush Chocolate Cake

The first of the three was the Cocoa Rush and absolutely amazed me. When I cut into it a coconut cream type froth seeped from the cracks caused by the knife crunching through the dark chocolate Valrhona shell. This causes a degree of visual curiosity which subsides, and you’re left with only one task: to actually taste this spiced, honey cake like no-other. Past memories of coconut and chocolate have left me underwhelmed, but here, against top quality couverture chocolate, the balance of flavours is delightful. There’s even a mint edge, which I’m sure can’t be real – it wasn’t in the listed ingredients. Whatever is in the cake produces a thick and vibrant wall of flavour. It’s like walking through the Eden Project with all your senses primed way past the everyday. The intensity of flavour is only matched by the richness of the cake. Just place a quarter of the cake into your mouth and let the flavours wash over you. The honey, the coconut, the indescribable flavours will just mesmerise you. You’ll be sat satiated and full of contemplation – not of anything spiritual or divine, but whether you could get away with eating the next in the box?

If you’re a pleasure lover you’ll find yourself giving into temptation and unwrapping the milk chocolate cake made with Baileys and walnuts. Yes you heard that right! I suggest you have this one second as its mild, creamy, soft, delicate, and smooth; it’s like waves of chocolate heaviness washing over you with every bite. There’s a touch of the spice lurking in the background to give it a touch of edge and takes it into the realms of mythical. The part I loved was as you bite in and the milk chocolate coating lifts up and your teeth meets the thick Baileys layer contained within. Surprisingly the walnuts aren’t all that much in evidence, which is a bonus as that unique flavour could easily over-power the Bailey’s and chocolate combination. What I can say is that like a steamy night, you just don’t want it to end. But end it must, like Ryan Giggs, I must move on to my next affair.

Hurry Bunny White Chocolate Cake

And this one is worth any amount of press intrusion. It’s a Hurry Bunny which is a white chocolate shell containing blueberry compote and the usual spiced caked. Here as you clasp the cake with your teeth it you’ll get wafts of spicy flavours hitting your senses through your mouth. In that split second you’ll be met with a peak of excitement. I’m not generally a white chocolate fan, but when you combine the mellow, flat flavour that most white chocolate offers with the intense blueberry compote and an unknown selection of spices then it’s pretty exciting – pretty much like a sweet and sour pudding. The texture you get when you get some of each part is pretty damn good, also. I do prefer the other ones, but I still wouldn’t want to let anyone else have the rest.

This is the first time I’ve had to have a lie down after a review. The words had to wait for my body to recover from its sweet excitement. Relaxed, recuperated and ready to note my experience I continued with the thought that the other three cakes I was sent will have to wait for the weekend. I could then do them justice and try expand my vocabulary during my period of abstinence. You can have too much of a good thing after all!

Quick Rating:
  • 93% – my energies are too exhausted and my brain too ‘spent’ to work out a detailed rating. I’ll settle for a quick score.


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  • Kavey

    I must confess to being at complete odds… I can’t work out for the life of me how these products justify the price tag, given size and taste. I understand they’re aiming at the luxury end of the market and for sure, the packaging is darling and they’re using very good quality ingredients. I want to like them, I really really want to but, having tried them three times now too, I just don’t.

    • Some things you just can’t justify. Who can justify spending £250k on a car, £10m on a penthouse apartment, £200m on a yacht?

      If I had to justify this blog on financial or commercial terms then I’d never do it, I’d never spend so much of my time updating it. I do it because I love it.

      If people want to spend £30 on cake, why shouldn’t they – if they love it.