How To Choose Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are an expression of your appreciation to the guests who attend your special event. Let them know how special they have made this occasion by choosing wedding favours that will convey the personality and style of the happy couple, while keeping in mind the likes and needs of your guests. Traditionally, wedding favours have consisted of sugared almonds or small candies placed in pretty containers at the tables for the guests of the wedding at the reception. However, innovative new ideas have emerged with brides as they have begun to take into consideration how to make this gift more appealing or personal for their wedding guests. While there is still much to be said for tradition, and a small hand-made tulle bag filled with sweet delights can be an appealing wedding favour on a beautifully decorated table, more useful, longer lasting, and sentimental items are beginning to find their way into the planning of this important gift.

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Whether you choose to purchase your wedding favours or make them yourself, this all-important gift for those special people who are helping to make your day special should not be taken lightly. Among all the other things to be taken into consideration when planning a wedding, this small but important factor can sometimes be overlooked. Don’t forget to let your guests know how important they are to you by remembering them with a special wedding favour.

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