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In 1993, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris founded Hotel Chocolat (sometimes mistakingly called Hotel au chocolate, Hotel du Chocolat and even Hotel de Chocolat). The company began as a mail order business offering quality chocolate throughout the UK. The business was then called Choco Express and in 1998 introduced the Chocolate Tasting Club. The company was renamed Hotel Chocolat in 2003 and their first retail store was opened in 2004. Today, 33 retail shops exist throughout the UK, in addition to its mail order website. In 2007, Hotel Chocolat was introduced to the United States.

Hotel Chocolat Products

Hotel Chocolat has a variety of products available for every occasion. From their simple giant Chocolate Slabs to their luxurious pink champagne truffles, Hotel Chocolat has something for every taste in life.

Chocolate Slabs

Hotel Chocolat offers their giant Chocolate Slabs made from all natural ingredients. The giant slabs of chocolate measure 250x170mm, and are available in milk, dark or white chocolate. These giant chocolate slabs can also be combined with hazelnuts, almonds, Italian coffee, Tutti Frutti or cocoa nibs. The Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Giant Slab is a delicious combination of white chocolate, caramel, and milk chocolate all swirled into one delicious slab of chocolate satisfaction.

Liquid Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat has their own variety of hot chocolate drink. This silky and elegant liquid chocolate drink includes less milk and sugar than the majority of hot chocolate drinks. Hotel Chocolat’s liquid chocolate is available in rich Macho, made with 100% cocoa or Aztec Chili, made with 72% cocoa and a twist of spice.

Filled Chocolates and Truffles

Hotel Chocolat’s boxed collections include their Hand Piped Selection of elegant pralines, ganaches, creamy caramel and other delightful flavours, Pink or Classic Champagne Truffles and their Just Truffles Sleekster. A number of other quality gift selections and boxed collections are also available from Hotel Chocolat designed for any special event or occasion.

Other Chocolate Products

In addition to their giant chocolate slabs, liquid chocolate, and boxed collections of mouthwatering quality chocolates, Hotel Chocolat also produces a number of other specialty chocolate items and gift collections. Their Vintage Chocolate Buttons are ideal for that touch of “just something a little special.” Their Chocolate Dipping Adventure packages combine luxurious melting chocolate dips with a variety of nuts, marshmallows, and other tasty little nibbles suitable for dipping. For something nice with a touch of spice try their delectable Hacienda Iara Organic 72% Dark with Chili and Pink Peppercorns or their Chilli and Nibs Sweethearts.

Hotel Chocolat

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