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What I love about the Hotel Chocolat Valentines Chocolates is their diversity in style and price. You can pick up some wonderful Little Gifts of Love for just £4. These are just an introduction to their range or to be part as a bigger selection of chocolates or Valentine’s gifts.

Hotel Chocolat also cover the romantic Valentine’s chocolate gifts angel well with their selection of Engraved Chocolate hearts which you can get in dark, milk and white chocolate.

If you wanted something a bit more dainty but still in a heart shape they do these little Caramel Sweethearts which they also do in Chilli and Cocoa nib format if your wife or girlfriend prefers dark chocolate with a bit of edge to it.

If your partner is a bit more into the sweet and delicious chocolates then why not consider thier Classic Champagne Truffles, or even their Pink Champagne Truffles which will cost from £6 upwards.

Another type of Valentine’s chocolate gift that is popular at Hotel Chocolat are the tablets which are like big picture frames and you can get them as a Hero for a husband or boyfriend, a Goddess for a wife or girlfriend and a Fossil if you want to get your Dad one.

For those that want a bit of naughtiness or some sensuality on Valentine’s Day then why not try their Kiss Mix which start some loving with ease.

If you wanted to go more down the Valentine’s Day Chocolate selection box route then the Melting Hearts are a good, cheap way to do this and will only cost £11. And if it was something alcoholic you were looking for then why not try their Hot Shots which are fantastically punchy.

For a little bit more you could get a Pretty In Pink Goody Bag which has a variety of cute chocolate gifts that I’m sure most wives or girlfriends would love! And if you wanted to spend a little bit more you can get a Goddess collection bag which has a bottle of Champagne too.

And for something very different, you can get a large fruity chocolate heart which looks delicious and also comes in a dark chocolate Fruit and Nut heart too.

And if you wanted to spend £ and get a large box of chocolates with some red wine they do that too. If your wife or girlfriend would prefer Prosecco they have that too.

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