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While chocolates are a popular Valentine’s Day gift, selecting this option for your loved one can end up being an after-thought if quality and presentation aren’t given top priority. From department store fare to small producers, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different chocolates that appear of store shelves every February. Many of these chocolates, frankly, don’t deserve to achieve gift-giving status, especially if your lover is a discerning chocolate lover. For those that really want to give a classic confection with an elegant touch, the offerings at Hotel Chocolat are the perfect fit. Not only are the flavor combinations out-of-this-world, but the chocolatier pays close attention to presentation, so your Valentine’s gift is sure to make a big impact.

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Unique Presentation Counts
While many popular chocolate houses create high-quality flavors for their customers, Hotel Chocolat combines the priority of flavor with some truly creative and stunning presentations. For their Valentine’s line of chocolates, there are some truly unique offerings. Surprisingly, many of these Valentine’s gift sets remain distinctly affordable. For between five and fifteen pounds, you can purchase chocolates shaped like kissing lips, a gift set that imitates the classic aphrodisiac combination of oysters and champagne, and heart-shaped nibbles of chocolate laced with smoking-hot chiles.

Besides these fun presentations, the standard box of chocolates gets a new look as well. Gift bags, peek-a-boo boxes and assortments of smaller products fill in for the standard, and often boring, boxed chocolate. Even those products that come boxed have plenty of extra touches to make them special. The boxes that Hotel Chocolat favors are nothing if not elegant and the arrangement of the chocolates inside the box make them stand out to the most discerning chocolate lover. The boxed chocolate line often focuses on a wide variety of confections from truffles to standard filled squares. Each chocolate features a beautiful finish, with individual embellishment marks designating each different type in the mix.

The Chocolatier’s Table
One product in the Hotel Chocolat Valentine’s Day line that really stands out is the boxed chocolate mix designated as the Chocolatier’s Table. For lovers that want to splurge on a sweetheart that appreciates luxury, these chocolates cannot be beat. Hotel Chocolat has two sizes of the Chocolatier’s Table. The offerings are similar in both boxes, with only the quantity changing in the more expensive box. The Chocolatier’s Table starts at just under fifty pounds and includes fudge, fruit fillings, nuts, truffles and other luxurious chocolate tastes.

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