Hotel Chocolat Old Fossil

When asked to choose some chocolate to review my wife instantly suggested this one. Now I’m not sure if that’s because I am an old fossil given that I’m seven years older than her, or because she just because she likes their milk chocolate – I suspect it’s a bit of both.

Commercialised and easily-accessible milk chocolate is something I generally shy away from – primarily because it’s more often than not utterly woeful. Although often that means that I’ll refuse to review the vast majority of milk chocolate that gets offered, I do know that that’s never been the case with Hotel Chocolat. Even though I am fervently a lover of origin dark chocolate that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate session milk chocolate with cocoa levels almost double the fair of more mainstream chocolatiers.

The point is that with chocolate gifts that you just know will be appreciated by the vast majority of fathers it’ll have to be rich and creamy. People buying for their dads who are more inclined to enjoy origin chocolate will undoubtedly ask for that and won’t be tempted by this type of chocolate. Whilst the rest will gratefully Hotel Chocolat’s milk variety – purely because it the finest example of velvety chocolate I can recall which doesn’t contain vegetable fats.

Another aspect of Hotel Chocolat’s standard milk chocolate formulation that I find appealing is that it does contain less sugar and far more pleasant on the taste buds as a result. Far too often I’ve had milk chocolate from one of the big names and not been able to eat more that 3og or so. Here it’s certainly a session chocolate to enjoy with a good war film and a cuppa.

There are no discernible fine flavours that you might come to expect if all you’ve had is their Rabot 1745 chocolate, and if my young son was buying me chocolate he could pick any from that range. But by the same token, I wouldn’t be disappointed he got me one of these.

At £8 the price might seem fairly steep, but if you consider it’s still less than £4 per 100g then its not actually too bad value.


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