Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolates

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Hotel Chocolat Christmas collection earlier in the summer. So I thought I’d take a peak now as they’ve got a good variety on the site – even though we are only just into October. Well the selection of Christmas chocolate gifts they have on the site currently amount to 60 different varieties and that’s a very good quantity and should allow most parents find suitable Christmas chocolates for their kids and men and women find them for their husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends. There’s even loads there to please most parents and grandparents – everyone is covered under one roof – a chocolaty one.

So let’s go through the list and see what stands out.

Goody Bag Of The Season from Hotel ChocolatGood Bag Of The Season
This is a reasonably priced chocolate selection bag that contains a variety of their favourites. I’ve tried most of the contents and absolutely love the Eton Mess Slab and the Billionaire Shortbread chocolates. I’d say that this is a great Christmas chocolate gift if you want to give a good amount of chocolate variety as it’s got the fruity Eton Mess Slab but pralines, a chocolate lick and the gemstones. I would think that this would be a good chocolate gift for teenage girls as it’s a fun selection.

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Christmas Selection BoxChocolate Selection Boxes
Chocolate selection boxes still manage to be one of the biggest sellers at Christmas. Sometimes I do feel it’s a bit of a shame though as Hotel Chocolat do some great novelty chocolates and it’s nice to receive some of those quirky chocolate gifts at Christmas. That’s not so say that I don’ like their selection boxes as I do, just they make so many fun chocolates that it would be a shame to miss out.

The chocolate selection boxes you can choose from priced at £11 for the H-Box selections, £20 and various selection boxes as part of hampers or with bottles of wine.

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Signature Collection and ProseccoChocolates And Wine
Hotel Chocolat also do some great wine and chocolate gifts where you can get sparkling wine / Prosecco with some chocolates too. The most expensive one is £58 and you get a large selection of hand finished chocolates and a 75cl bottle of prosecco. What’s more, the wine is bottled near Venice – if that means anything too you. I don’t know much about wine to be honest, but I’ve heard it’s nice. They also do a “Sparkling Christmas Basket “which as a small reindeer milk chocolate slab, some tiddly caramel chocolate Santas and a 20cl bottle of prosecco.

Christmas novelty chocolatesNovelty Christmas Chocolates
One of my favourite things about Hotel Chocolat is their range of novelty chocolates, and they’ve really surpassed themselves with the range of funny and quirky chocolates this Christmas with a range of chocolate reindeers, chilli penguins, a chocolate jolly Santa, a ‘Best Dressed Santa’, a white snowman, chocolate Christmas dinners and caramel angels. These are perfect for kids and make great novelty chocolate stocking fillers. But I don’t think they should just be given to children on Christmas morning as I think they’d be great for girlfriends and wives as stocking fillers. But also with their “best dressed” range they’ve really hit the nail on the head for chocolates for dads.

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Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Gift HampersHotel Chocolate Gift Hampers
It’s a shame that they don’t really call their combinations of chocolate gifts as ‘gift hampers’ as they’ve got some great groups of chocolate gifts. I suppose they don’t call them ‘hampers’ as technically they’re not in hampers, but just combinations that you’ll get boxed up.

Hotel Chocolat do actually offer some great selections such as the Christmas Party Kit which you get some tiddly reindeers, a cookie crunch chocolate Christmas wreath, some mine pie marbles and some prosecco – all for £30. The do the Dark Christmas Discovery Box for dark chocolate lovers as well as classic box.

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