Hot Chocolate Maker

Hot Chocolate Maker From ArgosI’m on the look out for a hot chocolate maker because at this time of year I get too lazy to manage even of the simpliest of culinary tasks. The thing is that I know my way around the internet to find fine chocolate, but I know next to nothing about equipment people will use to make chocolate goodies – I’ve even still got a chocolate making thingy to try out. So I’m on a mission to find the best hot chocolate maker. What I’ll do is buy one a month over winter and see how they fair.

But, how will I judge these hot chocolate makers? Well, it’ll have to be ease of use, how good it looks in the kitchen, obviously how good it makes the hot chocolate, ease of cleaning and value for money.

I much prefer hot chocolate made with milk than water, so I’m also going to try and find those that allow you to do that as I’m not sure they all do.

What I’m also going to do is try out the different brands such as Bosch, Gordon Ramsey, LA Cafeteiere, Bodum, Dualit, Braun, Nescafe and whether hot chocolate sticks are a good alternative. I’m also going to try different shops such as Amazon, Argos, local shops and anywhere that has good deals on.

Perhaps, I just watch this video about how to make the perfect hot chocolate instead? mmmm!

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