Can You Make A Nice Summer Ice Lolly From Winter Gingerbread Hot Chocolate?

I found a bottle of Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread drinking chocolate and I thought I should use it. I’m not one for generally drinking hot drinks in summer, my parents always seemed to try and find the most boiling brew on the hottest day of the year. I’m more of an ice lolly man. So I wondered if I can make a nice ice lolly from this hot chocolate mix?

Hotel Chocolat Ginger Drinking Chocolate Mix In The Jar

Many people have ice lolly moulds hanging around but I didn’t, so I brought some funky ones from Firebox where you can screw up the base to expose more of the lolly, they weren’t that expensive and could obviously be re-used. And they looked kind of cool too.

The Hot Chocolate Iced Lolly

I thought I was being clever by studiously measuring out just enough milk for the four of them, but forgot to deduct an amount for the hot chocolate mix I’d be putting in. I also hoped that the hot chocolate mix would be suspended in the milk. I was wrong on that count, so I just put it in the microwave for about 90 seconds and stirred it in. Thankfully it melted nicely and we were away – despite me using a load more of the stuff than I anticipated.

And a close up picture

Having put them into the freezer overnight and got it out this morning to enjoy in the blisteringly hot garden. And I must say it’s absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps I put too much of the mix in as the ginger flavour is very prominent – but I like that. There’s a slight burning sensation at the back of the throat, but it’s still gorgeous.

So can you make a nice summer ice lolly from winter gingerbread hot chocolate? Yes you can. Just play around with the amounts of the mix you put it.

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