Sir Hans Sloane Hot Chocolate Heart

I’m so lastminute.chocolate. I’ve not got anything for my wife for Valentines. The thought did cross my mind, however, when I saw that this chocolate heart full of hot chocolate has the initial ‘L’ on it. Obviously that is a gesture designed by the guys at Sir Hans Sloane to indicate that these hearts can be personalised, but coincidently ‘L’ is also my wife’s initial. I could have so easily gotten away with this and had my blushes spared by no effort expended on my part.

Sir Hans Sloane Mug

But Valentine’s Day isn’t about lazily <strike>buying</strike> acquiring gifts for one’s better half. It’s about putting some thought into it. So if you’re a man or a woman that hasn’t had time to arrange something yet, then let me do the thinking and suggest one of their hamper with two mugs, two hot chocolate hearts and two hefty boxes of hot chocolate. The only thinking you need to do is work out what your and your partner’s initials are. Wish I hope isn’t too hard.


I always try and work out how to consume chocolate gifts when they arrive – especially when it’s Valentine’s Day and you can legitimately suggest various different methods (I’ve not seen 50 shades yet, so I don’t know if this is an apt comment to make). The point is that most chocolate gifts meant for sharing tend to be on the kinky front. But if you didn’t want to raise your other half’s blood pressure too high, too soon then what better way than to just sit, or lay back with a hot mug of sumptuous chocolate drink whilst nibbling on a bitter-sweet chocolate heart?

Inside the heart

Being ‘northern’ I’m predisposed to trying to find value in everything. So seeing that you not only get two mugs that you can easily reuse, but you get a hamper too – which you could use to store all sorts of ‘goodies’ afterwards – and all for £25.

Now, of course, this was sent to me by Sir Hans Sloane, but I feel that chocolate lovers and gifters in general want value for money these days and they want a way to continue reminding the recipient of happy thoughts, and these mugs will certainly do that. Every time they take a sip from it they’ll be reminded of that lovely Valentine’s morning you spent together.

And the hamper can be found here.


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