Hortons Chocolate Rum Cake

Hortons Chocolate Rum Cake Box

I was lucky enough to go on holiday to Bermuda this year and one of my traditions when I visit this part of the world (wherever they make rum to be honest) is to buy some chocolate rum cake. In the back of my mind when buying this one was the Don Lorenzo cake I tried from the Bahamas a couple of years before which was, quite frankly, terrible. My theory was, however, that nothing could be as bad as that so its worth shelling out the last of my Dollars on the way home,

Hortons Rum Chocolate Cake out of the box

Hortons apparently is the world’s oldest established rum cake business still in operation. After the first bite it was apparent why – its fully of rum flavour, incredibly intoxicating and very moist. There’s so much secure wrapping and packaging on it that despite being tucked away for a couple of months I would presume its still as fresh as the day it left the factory.

Just holding up the cake to your nose you’ll be bowled over by the sweet, strong rum flavours. Having consumed a fair amount of Goslings rum when I was there, and abstaining (apart from the odd glass) it was fantastic to have the taste of rum in my mouth again. I don’t know what the non-chocolate version tastes like, but I don’t get a huge amount of it here, and that’s probably because of the powerfulness of the alcohol. Normally I would complain about a lack of chocolate flavour, but not here.

I think I paid about US$10 for one which I know is a lot if converted in to ¬£, but Bermuda is a fairly expensive island. For me though, I wish I bought more as its a great reminder of the island. I can’t wait to go back and try some of this sitting on our balcony watching the sun go down over Castle Harbour again. Bliss.

Right time to finish off the rest before the wife gets home!

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  • 77% – almost worth the plane fair alone!


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