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A man cannot live by bread alone so I’ll give up fine chocolate every now and then and dip into the obscure world of American Candy. The purists amongst us should hold fire for a moment as only trying the more base of confectionery can we appreciate the pure magnificence of artisan chocolate makers. I mean, what’s wrong with the odd mass-produced, formulaic chocolate bar every now and then?

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The Hershey’s Whatchamacallit bar finds its way into my possession via the Stateside Candy Co. and Amazon. I had forsaken £1.09 to try this bar out, but I wasn’t expecting a great deal from it. My past Hershey’s experiences have been very poor, almost inedible, so it was a shock to actually find one of their creations I actually enjoyed. Obviously not to any Pralus-esque level. But it filled a whole.

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I’d say it’s in the same arena as the Baby Ruth bar much more palatable. This one is mix of peanut flavoured crisps and caramel – but not in the sense British people would expect that to mean. It essentially has rice krispies and caramel but mixed with awesome stuff like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, safflower oil, partially defatted peanuts much more. Ok, so you’re not really worried to much about that sort of thing if you’re a classic Hershey fan (I assume), but I’m no vegetable fat fanboy. I expect most readers aren’t either.

You a definite sense of the corn syrup in the bar, along with the crisp rice and the most prevalent ingredient: sugar. And that’s what not only dominates the texture, but also the flavour. If I was dashing about in the day and needed a bit of sustenance then I wouldn’t have a problem with having one of these bars. But it doesn’t offer anything other than energy. There’s no real pleasure.

But who the heck buys these bars for pleasure. Surely not? But am I glad I spent £1.09 on this bar? Well yes, I actually found a Hershey creation I didn’t hate. That is a feat worth celebrating.

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