Harvey Nichols Lime & Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar

I couldn’t resist. Well I tried when I thought the price was £4.95 a bar. But, when I found out it was just £3.95 I thought you guys would appreciate a review of the Harvey Nichols Lime & Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar which you can buy online. But seeing as delivery costs £5.50 I’m glad I visited their food hall in the Trafford Centre – you may like to see if there’s one close to you too.

All of their chocolate bars have the same design with a pair of legs adorned with some sexy tights and some stilettos. The imagery is completely seductive. If the wrapping was anything ordinary I’d be far from inclined to pay this much for a bar when its not from a chocolate producer I knew made good chocolate. In fact there is very little information to be going on at all. There’s no information to say what cocoa content it has, what strain of cocoa bean or where it originated. This was a huge disappointment as I feel that learning about the bean and the plantation adds to the enjoyment of luxury dark chocolate.

Under the seductive but simple outer wrapping is what looks like a bar of pure silver. In fact its a fantastic, hand-folded (it appears) silver paper which leads you further into the sumptuous moment that’s being built up with every moment.

As you get half way through unwrapping it you’ll be met with a strange sight. You’ll see part of the bar exposed before you. And it may not be what you’re expecting. This is one thing I love about reviewing chocolate. Each bar is different. Even when reviewing the mass-produced stuff, you’re often surprised. And with exclusive chocolate such as this Harvey Nichols bar you don’t know what you’re going to get.

The aroma is mild, balanced and understated just like a bunch or roses can be. There’s nothing striking about it and nothing that’s going make you cock your head back in surprise.

The flavour is similarly meek. The coconut flavour is substantially less prominent than the Sainsbury Limited Edition Chocolate bar, and even the dried coconut pieces seem to contribute very little to the overall taste.

What is obvious, but still slight, is the lime flavour. It’s even more mild than the Montezuma’s Chilli And Lime Milk Chocolate bar which is unusual as Montezuma seem to be the masters of understated chocolate.

It seems that this bar promises so much but delivers little. Perhaps I just don’t get the bar? Perhaps its me that seems to expect so much from dark chocolate and is knocked off kilter if I’m not met with punchy flavours?

Some bars you quickly get fed up of. Not this bar. It seems that every mouthful seems that bit more enjoyable. This Harvey Nichols chocolate bar is a gaggle of Greek Sirens of the chocolate world. They tempt you onto the rocks of chocolate delight but only for you to be doomed in chocolaty excess. I love this bar!

    • Taste: 90% – perfect for the times when you want something different, luxurious but still mild and seductive


  • Texture: 85% – it may not have the best melt, but its still wonderful.



  • Appearance: 95% – I just loved the understated packaging!



  • Nutritional Information: 40% – was there any?



  • Price: 80% – at £3.95 its acceptable



  • Overall: 78% – pretty damn gorgeous!



Where To Buy The Harvey Nichols Lime & Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Harvey Nichols
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