Harrods 67% Dark Chocolate Bar

Harrods 67% Dark Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Ah the label that tourists love: Harrods. But the thing is, just like Fortnum and Mason they don’t actually make their own chocolate (as far as I’m aware), instead they get other chocolate manufactures to produce stuff and they just wrap it in their own logo and flog it to unsuspecting tourists. Well that’s the cynical way to view it.

Harrods 67% Dark Chocolate Bar Logo

So the question is what should I expect for £3.50 and from a bar that’s not single origin? Well, the packaging is somewhat inspiring but leaning towards the more gimmicky side. The internal chocolate mould does actually look very nice, but reminds me more of the Artisan du Chocolat style – but a touch more substantial in the design. It also has a very prominent set of ‘Harrods’ logos that will remind you that you’re supposed to be enjoying fine chocolate, even though the taste won’t tell you that.

Harrods 67% Dark Chocolate Bar Texture

And here’s the problem for me. It just tastes like hot chocolate – there’s more of a sugar flavour than cacao. The aroma is too sweet from that sugar and even though there’s no real set of ingredients present, I can tell they’ve really over done the vanilla. In fact, I hardly get any gourmet chocolate flavour at all, only the slightest bit of average chocolate comes through near the end. But it’s like it’s trying to fight its way through a thousand grannies to get to the front of the jumble sale. It’s just rubbish.

If Harrods are going to put their name to some chocolate, at least do it with some decent stuff. I’m sorry if this bar is actually made by a renowned chocolatier, but it’s probably why they haven’t put their own name to it. It’s just not gourmet chocolate, its mass-market chocolate for tourists that will buy some and probably never return.

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  • Taste: 40% – It’s like eating a bag of chocolate infused sugar
  • Texture: 40% – very brittle even though the BBE date was 31/12/10 so it should be ok
  • Appearance: 60% – nothing great
  • Nutritional Information: 20% – non-existent
  • Price: 30% – not worth the money
  • Overall: 38% – if Artisan du Chocolat did make this, then I’d like the top brass at Harrods to actually stock their usual stuff as it’s delicious. Your customers deserve better.


Nutritional Information:
  • Well, I don’t know where the cacao comes from or the other ingredients, but I do know it contains soya and is made in a factory that handles cows’ milk, nuts, egg and gluten.


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