Sir Hans Sloane Dark Drinking Chocolate Beads

I’ve had a stressful day with various thing going wrong. So my first sip of this Sir Hans Sloane hot chocolate imparted the same exclamation and dip of the shoulders as does a nice pint after a long walk in the scorching sun – I can just feel the knots in those shoulders unwind and a sense of Zen-like clarity coming over me.

These Hot Chocolate Beads may set you back £10 for a 300g tin and only offer you 55% cocoa content given that they’re labelled as dark chocolate and give an expectation of stark bitterness. But I really can’t fault it.

Aromatically there’s a touch of malted milk about it, I can’t grasp why, but the flavour is just fantastic. If you’re impatient like I am then you’ll get to consume it all too quickly and find some part-melted chocolate mass lurking at the bottom – and this will be more delicious than the liquid form of the drink. This has a sort of Mon Cheri cherry liqueur quality about it with a suitably sweet edge. There are certainly no rough edges, no undue bitterness and no surprises – all the way through this hot chocolate it was just pure pleasure.

Another wonderful characteristic is that this hot chocolate is a dual purpose treat. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be a snacker as you work. Most hot chocolate comes in the form of granules, chocolate on spoons or in block form, but this is in the form of beads, much like chocolate-coated seeds. Whilst I’m writing this review my left hand is regularly lifting from the keyboard and glides over to the tin to secure more and add another layer of chocolate satisfaction to the experience.

You’ve got to give chocolate bonus points based on this fact, but it’s not like they need any more – as its just plain delicious.

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Quick Rating:
  • 85% – spot on for my stress-reducing needs.

  • I was sent this hot chocolate to review by Sir Hans Sloane

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