Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Cow From Rococo

Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Cow From Rococo

Call the RSPCA! I’ve neglected this poor chocolate cow. It’d become lost in my chocolate collection and I’ve only just rescued it! But not only that, whilst she’s been abandoned her head has fallen off! I think the humane thing would be to put it out of its misery! So here goes, a look at another fantastic looking hand-painted chocolate creation from Rococo.

After the quail’s eggs, potatoes, Easter eggs and traffic jam I always know I’m going to get something that is not only pleasing on the eye, but also tantalises the taste buds as well.

Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Cow From Rococo

I’ve not really had the chance so far to have a good sit down with their ganaches and truffles, which I believe is where the real Rococo chocolate experience will come, but I have always absolutely loved the flavour of their chocolate art. And this chocolate cow is no different. Visually it reminds me of a 1950’s picture of a cow that you see when they have those retro kitchen shows on TV. But it also manages to faithfully depict the muscular shape of a cow too.

The outer layer is white chocolate painted to look like a Friesian cow standing on lush, green grass whilst the inside is pretty sweet, smooth milk chocolate which was made with 37% cocoa solids. The texture was also smooth and the mouth feel was pretty damn good too.

I’m not sure if this chocolate hand-painted cow is aimed at children, but I’d say it’s too good for them. Keep it for yourself instead! Some people may baulk at a price of £11.20, but this isn’t some naff chocolate you’d find piled high in Tesco’s, or Asda; its proper artisan chocolate art – which doesn’t come cheap.

Quick Rating
  • Rating: 75% – I touch more than I’d pay for it (oh I did!), but there are many people that would love the novelty factor.


Where To Buy The Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Cow From Rococo
  • Rococo – £11.20


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