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We’ve had all sorts of chocolate with a meaty theme featured on here including bacon, fish and perhaps even chicken. But this is the first for haggis flavoured chocolate. For those that don’t know, Haggis is often cited as Scotland’s national dish, but with many national favourites there are many different recipes. I’m sure many families and regions of Scotland have their own, but they’re essentially based on lamb, onions, oatmeal and various spices – certainly not the usual ingredients you’ll find combined with chocolate.

I loved the simplicity of the packaging and the colourful label and the theme continued inside the box with six large, chunky and wholesome ganaches. These are tall affairs, and most definitely not the dainty, precious you can often find the less well-known chocolatiers produce.

Inside the box of Haggis chocolates

Past the solidity of their appearance lurks an incredibly interesting experience which perhaps those that don’t possess a fine palette may miss. At first you might be inclined to consume them quickly as they deliver a delicious, rich texture with which has offers popping candy-like sensation. But looking beyond the hearty texture lurks a cascade of flavour that builds up after you’ve devoured it. I’m sure those flavours include black pepper and cinnamon and are featured in Thinking Chocolate‘s, but there seems to be a lot more going on which I just can’t place – there must be a whole heap of ingredients that can’t be isolated but which in concert to provide such an interesting partnership.

What I also love about these chocolates is that after you think the flavour has given all it has you’ll find little extra dalliances of spices that step out of nowhere and give a bit more character. These are certainly a gift that keeps on giving.

In the recent past I’ve reviewed filled chocolates that have been subtle and elegant, but these, although aren’t powerful in flavour, are still full of brusque confidence and a day like it is today: wet, cold, and windy (where I am), this is exactly what I need – that and a bottle of Scotch, a roaring fire and the mist rolling off the Scottish highlands.

Now comes the problematic part. I had to ask for these chocolates to be sent, I would have happily parted with my money to obtain them, but I can’t find a way of buying. So if you’re in the Edinburgh area you’ll have to pop in, or somehow manage to nag Nadia to make them available to order online.

If you wanted to find out more about Nadia, her chocolates in general and the haggis ones in particular, here are some good resources: The Guardian, The Scotsman, The BBC and The Metro.

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