Hotel Chocolat 100% Hacienda iara

And so we have one for those intense chocolate lovers. And following on from the less than pleasant experiences with the Patrick Roger 100% and the Noir Infini 99% I was hoping for something to change my mind about chocolate at this sort of cacao level. But I’m sorry, I won’t be having any more than the one mouthful – it’s just not for me.

I like chocolate with flavour, where you can relax your taste buds and let your mind wonder. With this bar I found it far to astringent and after that first bite it made me feel if I’d actually swallowed the entire volume of sea water surrounding the Cornish coast. It just tasted incredibly salty and left a very unpleasant taste at the back of my throat.

From recollection it wasn’t actually as bitter as the Noir Infini, add did actually provide some flavour underneath all of that acidity, but still not enough for me to want to try it again.


Quick Rating:
    • 20% – only because there’s tasting notes, and I know there’ll be a small amount of people who’ll just adore it. I’m not one of them, and for my own point of view I’d happily never try it again. – £5


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