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Hachez ChocolateIn July of 1890, a Belgian chocolatier by the name of Joseph Emile Hachez opened the Bremer Hachez Choclade GmbH & Co. KG in Bremen, Germany. Hachez’s inspiration came in the form of an autumn leaf wafting down from a tree as he strolled through the park. As he watched the leaf glide gently through the air and to the ground, he was struck with the sudden inspiration to recreate this beautiful masterpiece of nature in the form of a delicious and truly unique chocolate sensation. Today, Bremer Hachez continues to produce unique and imaginative chocolate creations as one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of fine quality chocolate products.

Hachez Chocolade

As the second largest chocolate manufacturer in Germany, Hachez faithfully sticks to its German roots and refers to its products not as “chocolate” or “chocolat,” but as “chocolade.” Hachez is noted for unusual flavour combinations and unique ideas in its quality chocolate products.

Hachez Chocolate Bars

Listed below are some of Hachez’s more interesting and popular chocolate bars:
Dark Bar—Pure dark chocolate made with 88% cocoa. Also available in 77% from Ecuador.

  • “Cocoa d’Arriba” Bar—77% dark chocolate from Ecuador.
  • “Cocoa d’Arriba” Mango-Chili Bar—Spicy chilli peppers and pieces of dried sweet mango intermingle with a luscious dark chocolate to create a truly inspiring combination. Made with 77% Ecuadorian cocoa.
  • “Cocoa d’Arriba” Blackberry Bar—77% Ecuadorian dark chocolate with delightful bits of blackberries mixed in.
  • “Cocoa d’Arriba” Strawberry-Pepper Bar—Spicy green peppercorns and bits of dried strawberry dance with rich dark chocolate. 77% Ecuadorian cocoa.
  • “Cocoa d’Arriba” Orange Bar—77% Ecuadorian cocoa infused with natural orange oils.
  • “Cocoa de Maracaibo” Milk Bar—55.5% Venezuelan cocoa. A truly intense milk chocolate experience.

Hachez “Taler” Filled Chocolate Wafers

These convenient tubes of filled chocolate wafers are a delightful treat to have on the go. Take them anywhere and experience the Hachez chocolade sensation any time you please! These extraordinary filled treats are available in cherry, orange, lemon and peppermint.

Chez Hachez Hand decorated Confiserie Chocolate

These four delicious chocolate bars are made from the finest creamy milk chocolate and a variety of interesting and unique ingredients. These sensational handmade chocolate bars include Haselnuss-Pistazie, Kaffee-Chocochips, Cranberry-Melone and Ingwer-Pfeffer. The Chez Hachez line of chocolates also includes a superior selection of confiserie cups available in Hot ‘n Spicy, Fruit ‘n Nuts and Sweet ‘n Sour.

Other Chocolate

Hachez also produces a number of gift chocolates, truffles and chocolate leaves.

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