Guylian Chocolates

Guylian Chocolates

Guylian, a Belgian chocolate company founded in 1960 by Guy Foubert, is perhaps most well known for their chocolate seashells with various praline fillings. The chocolates are handmade, making each one truly unique.

Guylian History

The name Guylian is derived from the combination of the first names of the founder and his wife, Lilian. The company was founded in 1960 when Guy and Lilian were married. They operated the small production out of their home, selling truffles and pralines to local shops. As the business grew, Guy developed the idea of shaping the chocolates into seashells, setting Guylian Chocolates apart from the other chocolate companies. In 1988, the company expanded with the opening of a factory in Sint-Niklaas. Lotte Confectionary purchased Guylian in 2008.

Guylian Project Seahorse

Since 1999, Guylian Chocolates has been a leading sponsor of Project Seahorse, an organization founded in 1996 to help conserve the seahorse and other marine life population that is threatened by human interventions such as the destruction of marine natural habitats and catch in fishing gear. More than 25 million seahorses are traded on the global market each year. Each time a box of Guylian Belgian Chocolates is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to support Project Seahorse.

Guylian Chocolates

Guylian Chocolates are available in a wide array of delicious and tantalizing combinations and treats.

Guylian Seashells

The original chocolate seashells that helped to make this company famous are produced in milk, dark, or white chocolate and filled with a luscious roasted hazelnut praline.

Guylian Seahorses

The seahorse is the most beloved shape of the famous seashell chocolates. The seahorse is featured in its very own range with a dark chocolate shell and a delicious filling made of creamy white chocolate and strawberries.

Guylian Opus

Guylian’s Opus collection is an assortment of fine Belgian chocolates with a variety of exquisite flavours such as orange cream, cappuccino cream, chocolate mousse, and a number of other fillings.

Guylian La Trufflina

The amazing chocolate truffles in this collection include milk, white and dark chocolates with a delicious filling of milk chocolate.

Guylian Solitaire Origin Chocolates

These dark chocolate squares are produced from the finest cacao beans from around the world. Varieties include Asian Dark, Asian Gold and African Ebony.

Guylian Twistwraps

These individual bite sized chocolates are available in mono flavours or mixed flavours of milk and dark chocolate shells filled with ganache, creamy caramel, cappuccino cream, hazelnut praline, orange cream or chocolate truffle.

Guylian Chocolate Bars

Guylian’s unique chocolate bars can be purchased in 3 different ranges. The no sugar added bar is available in both milk and dark chocolate. The unique seashell bar is made of creamy milk chocolate with the infamous hazelnut praline filling used in the original seashell chocolates. Each of the 4 wedges of the seashell bar is decorated with the famous seashell that marks the Guylian brand.

Gourmet Guylian Chocolate

Guylian also carries a small range of gourmet products with its Praline Cream Liqueur and sensational chocolate dip made of fine dark Belgian Chocolate.

Guylian Chocolate Reviews

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