Guylian Finest Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells

My wife loves Guylian chocolates, however, I just find them a bit bland. I know, I’m not refined enough to appreciate the subtle praline flavours. But I’m sorry praline just doesn’t do it for me. I can, however, fully appreciate why people love them. The packaging is very appealing, the design of each chocolate shell fantastic and the flavours top quality and complementary – its just that they’re not for me.

I got this mini box in a hamper from Virginia Hampers and they were very welcomed and a great, low-cost, introduction to the Guylian range.

I do absolutely love how the Guylian shells look, they’re divine and just remind me of Christmas – mostly because my wife often insists on having them.

The Guylian shells are very soft, due to the praline filling. They’re also incredibly sweet, too sweet for me. But if you’re only having a box of six or so then I’m sure you won’t get an overdose of them. But with the sweetness comes a dominant hazelnut flavour which most of those that buy the Guylian chocolates crave.

I’m going to give the rest of them to my wife, but I know that within 10 minutes they’ll all be gone. All ask her to rate them too so you can get a fair reflection of them. But my rating is:


Taste: 65% – Too sweet, but the it does have a quality flavour to them.

Texture: 85% – I know there’s no “crunch” to them, but the softness just works.

Appearance: 95% – The do look absolutely fantastic.

Nutritional Information: 63% – There’s not a lot going on and if there is I can’t see it as its so small.

Price: 64% – this is just from recollection as I didn’t buy them. But from what I can remember is that they’re not the cheapest chocolates on the planet, but still not hideously expensive.

Overall: 74.4% – pretty good actually.

Nutritional Information:
Calories: 354kcal for this 65g box.
Dietary: May contain traces of nuts/gluten

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