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In 1946 Commander Musso opened a chocolate and bon-bon production laboratory in Via Cagliari, Italy. Giuseppi Gobino joined as head of production in 1964 and became sole owner of the chocolate factory in 1980. With a focus on producing quality Turinese products, the family tradition carried on with Guido Gobino, who joined the team in 1985. Guido introduced a modernisation and renewal of the production of the chocolate products, thus ensuring the safety of the traditional Turin recipes.

Guido Gobino Gianduja

Giandujotto is a Turin specialty made from a paste consisting of sugar, cocoa and hazelnuts. It is characterised by its classic irregular boat-like shape that quietly sets it apart from all other industrial chocolate products. Created from creamy milk chocolate and quality PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts, the products in Guido Gobino’s Gianduja line will delight your taste buds with sweet pleasure. The Gianduja line consists of Classic Giandujotto, Giandujottino Tourinot, Giandujottino Tourinot Maximo and Coffee Giandujottino Tourinot.

Guido Gobino Milk and Dark Chocolate Disks

Guido Gobino’s milk and dark chocolate disks make the ideal after dinner treat. Their range of chocolate disks includes:

  • Fine Milk Cialdina with 35% cocoa
  • Amarissimo Dark
  • Cialdina Extra Bitter Blend 63%
  • Cialdina Extra Bitter Blend 70%
  • Cialdina Extra Bitter Blend 75%
  • Gold Cialdina – Venezuelan Cocoa 70%
  • Bronze Cialdina – Trinidad Cocoa 80%
  • Copper Cialdina – Java Chocolate 70%

Guido Gobino Filled Chocolates

The delicious filled chocolates included in Guido Gobino’s specialty confections include Filled Bilingua and Semisfora filled with saffron.

Filled Bilingua—A crisp dark chocolate shell with a creamy cocoa filling.

Semisfora filled with Saffron—A dark chocolate shell filled with a bourbon vanilla cream and luscious hints of San Gavino Monreale saffron.

Aromatic Chocolate

Guido Gobino carries a large range of exquisite and unique aromatic chocolates. Included in this line are such sophisticated favourites as dark chocolate with cardamom, lavender, rosemary or cinnamon and candied Thai ginger enrobed with white chocolate and mint.

Other Chocolate

Guido Gobino also produces a large variety of ganaches, enrobed chocolates and specialty chocolates. With a unique flare for chocolate making, nothing tastes like Guido Gobino.

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