Gü Chocolate Ganache After Noon Pots

I’m renaming these “Gü Argument Starters”. The thing is, these pots of dark chocolate ganache are going to have to be kept in the fridge and if you’re going to do as the package suggests and have them in the afternoon then you’re either going to be at work or at home. This suggests to me that other people are going to have access to the fridge. So you’re left with a couple of options: either dump your other half (or if you’re single: don’t invite anyone home) or give up your job. The third, or course, is not to have any of these little pots of heaven.

Gu Ganache Up Close

Having tried the Gü After Dark Hot Chocolate Soufflés I really needed something with a bit more of a Gü oomph! And I’ve certainly found that in spades with these chocolate ganache pots. Of course their new advert is about giving in to Gü, but no amount of bubble wrap, wonky picture frames or sadistic pleasures could tempt me from one of these little beauties. They’re incredibly moreish!

This is the kind of spooning that doesn't get you into trouble!

I just don’t think I should even look at the 199 calories per pot as it’s not even going to make me flinch. I’m having another, I can always work it off later.

The flavour is slightly of hazelnut and a million times smoother than Nutella – come one, admit it, you, like me, have eaten it straight out of the jar. It’s a silky as sliding naked into the most silkiest of sheets on a hot summer’s night, it’s as indulgent and a couple of bottles of wine and chocolate dripped strawberries and as satisfying as …. I better stop there!!

I got about five small spoonfuls of the ganache, but that’s all I needed. And I’m sure you’re the same. You’ll sit there afterwards with a warm, satisfied glow.

Before you get too excited, however. There is one problem. They come in five flavours so you’re going to have to agonise between this dark chocolate one, the one with raspberry and blackcurrant, the mango and passionfruit, the hot chocolate torte or the chocolate and raspberry pot. Give in to Gü and have the lot. Just make sure you’ve got loads of stuff in the fridge to hide them though!

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