Gü After Dark Hot Chocolate Soufflés

Having been invited to the press launch of the new range of Gü puddings where they encouraged us to give in to our temptations it’s about time I actually got around to blogging about one of their products – I was just too consumed with actually enjoying what they gave us, instead of actually communicating what they’re like with others. So far, my highlight has been their Key Lime puddings, whilst I’ve given their Anytime Puddings to my wife to take to work as I have no end of treats available to me here.

Who doesn’t love what they do? Their Tiffins, melt in the middle puds, the Tortes and cheesecakes have all been huge hits with me in the past. But I thought I’d try out their soufflés to see how they taste.

In my haste to try them out I stupidly forgot to cook it. I know, a raw soufflé, whatever next? Actually it was quite nice. Having realised my faux pas and actually cooked the other one in the box I dove my special Gü spoon into it. And it when in a great distance as the soufflé rose to twice its height.

Soufflés are meant to be light and fluffy and this certainly was. Seeing as much of it was actually air there wasn’t a huge amount of flavour. It just did what soufflés are supposed to do: give you a light treat, but in this circumstance with a chocolate edge.

I do actually prefer their more chocolaty puds, but that’s no surprise. This was light, but didn’t satiate my chocolaty cravings. I’m sure these tortes I have left certainly will!

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And here’s the making of video for the soufflé commercial:

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