The Grenada Chocolate Company Nib-a-licious 60%

Nib-a-licious Bar From The Grenada Chocolate Co.

And now a bar from the Grenada Chocolate Company which found its way into my fair hands via the very knowledgeable David Brealey from HB Ingredients who spent thirteen years at Thorntons.

Of course The Grenada Chocolate Company is one of those very respected chocolate makers that don’t really get involved with marketing too much, instead they produce wonderful chocolate and let others in the UK do the retailing and this is where HB Ingredients steps in.

The Grenada Chocolate Company Nib-a-licious 60%

Of course, this bar caries on the usual, bright, Caribbean style packaging that is instantly recognisable when you walk into any shop or chocolate event. And I’m sure that many people buy their chocolate purely on how the packaging looks – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Other people buy based on the ethical stance of the company such as their use of solar energy, recycled paper and that they are a bean to bar producer.

Grenada Chocolate Company 60% Organic Dark Chocolate With Nibs

I do love both the taste and texture of cacao nibs and thankfully this bar has a liberal dose contained in their 60% dark chocolate which I believe is broadly the same as I’ve previously reviewed. Here the chocolate is incredibly crisp with a stunning snap.

The flavour of the chocolate itself has a fantastic flavour which seems to marry banana and mango. There is only the very slightest hint of acidity from the nibs themselves. It all just seems to blend into one awesome flavour. It’s like a perfect combination of flavours which you sometimes get when you get when you take a handful of mixed nuts and fruit from Julian Graves that somehow has the right balance of raisins, coconut and peanuts.

The texture is delightful too with a creamy chocolate base and random occurrences of the crunchy cacao nibs which give it unexpected bursts of flavour. It’s very much a session bar of chocolate that I could happily munch all the way through. There is a very mild milk powder back drop and is very much like the Rabot Estate 50% ‘Dash of Milk’ With Cocoa Nibs but I think I just prefer this one as it’s a touch sweeter.

Quick Rating:
  • 72% – a sweet, fruity dark chocolate bar


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  • Hello Lee, it seems Mott Green his chocolate bars are finally found, the reviews are all over the net now ;-)
    Each time its with pleasure I read positif comments, indeed this is a wonderfull bar, delicious dark carefully fermented chocolate.
    I do sell them now for one year and its a delight to look at the clients reactions when they taste them…
    Thanks for sharing, Geert

  • michal

    very very sad…
    just noticed your twitter gesture, and came here to humbly pay my respect.