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Grenada Chocolate Company – History

The Grenada Chocolate Company, formed in 1999, is located in Grenada and was founded by Doug Browne, Edmund Brown, and Mott Green. The cooperative produces organic dark chocolate made from cocoa grown right in Grenada. The factory is located in the lush Grenada rainforest, near the area where the beans are grown and harvested. The chocolate is produced in small batches using only pure organic ingredients. The proximity of the factory to the fields allows for the fine artisan chocolate to be controlled carefully through each step of the chocolate making process. This approach is unique to the chocolate industry and allows for a rich and velvety chocolate experience for the customer. This truly unique method of producing fine quality dark chocolate helped the Grenada Chocolate Company to earn a Silver Award in 2008 from the Academy of Chocolate in the category of Best Organic Chocolate Bar.

Organic Ingredients

The quality dark chocolate produced by the Grenada Chocolate Company is made with only the best purely organic ingredients. The company’s organic chocolate bars include organically grown cocoa beans, fresh cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans, soy lecithin as an emulsifier and raw cane sugar. All of these ingredients are organically grown to meet with the company’s high quality standards to provide only the best organic dark chocolate bar made from ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides or any other chemical interference. In addition to being made from only the best organic ingredients, Grenada’s products are guaranteed to be completely free of any traces of nuts. This quality, rare in the chocolate industry, makes Grenada Chocolate bars ideal for those who may suffer from nut allergies.

Grenada Chocolate Company – Chocolate Bars

Grenada’s chocolate bars are available in 3 strengths of dark chocolate:

  • 60% Dark Chocolate provides a rich and intense experience with a sweet flavour.
  • 71% Dark Chocolate is an intensely bittersweet chocolate with hints of fruity flavours.
  • 82% Dark Chocolate includes stronger notes of fruity cocoa flavours with a more intense bittersweet sensation.

Grenada Chocolate Company Cocoa Powder

Grenada Chocolate Company also produces a purely organic cocoa powder ideal for baking, hot chocolate, or even for making chocolate ice cream. This cocoa powder is well known for its intensely rich and powerful chocolate flavour.

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