Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

OK, so I can’t actually remember which one of the three Easter egg gift boxes Green & Blacks sent me had this dark chocolate Easter egg in, but I just love it. The thing is that many dark chocolate eggs fail to offer any discernable dark chocolate flavour. You can go down the route of trying the Hotel Chocolat Purist egg but that’ll set you back £30. So what are your options if you’d like a bitter egg buy you wouldn’t want to pay over the odds for it?

The answer is pop along to the Green & Blacks online shop and choose anyone of of seven gift boxes that contain it. In effect this egg costs £5 and you’ll get 180g of some pretty good damn dark chocolate in egg form. Of course there will be a hundred or so brands that’d claim they make better dark chocolate, but in terms of consuming a fair amount on Easter Sunday and that fantastic price, then there aren’t many chocolate makers that can beat Green & Blacks on value stakes.

Of course I love the simplicity of the packaging, in that it doesn’t over-do it. I like the easy-carry handle and the gift tag, I like the information offered on the back; but more importantly I very much like the aroma and flavour.

Green & Blacks dark chocolate always seems to have a very agricultural aroma to me – much like fermenting mowed grass and which comes across slightly in the flavour. This is more dominated by red fruit tones and a touch of balsamic vinegar. But what’s interesting is that this particular egg tastes much smoother and creamier than previous. I’m not sure if they’ve changed the source of their cacao or its manufacture into chocolate, but it definitely tastes lighter than previous years.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with this egg, far from it; it’s just if you’ve previously enjoyed the bitterness of the egg, you may be a touch disappointed. I wasn’t, I loved it!

Where To Buy This 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg


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