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Green & Blacks [Link to online shop], founded in 1991, is a chocolate company based in London and currently owned by Cadbury plc. Producing pure organic chocolate products, the company also has factories in Poland and Italy. In 2005, Green & Blacks was purchased by Cadbury Schweppes, which was later named Cadbury plc. In 2010, Kraft purchased Cadbury.

Green & Blacks History

The name Green & Blacks, contrary to popular belief, is not derived from the names of the original founders. Rather, Josephine Fairely and her husband, Craig Sims, who were the original founders in 1991, named the company based upon a wordplay the couple devised to stand for the outstanding qualities of the chocolate products. Green symbolises the organic qualities of the ingredients, while Black stands for the deep, rich chocolate intensity of the products produced by the company.

As Green & Blacks original 70% cacao dark chocolate brand name bar gained popularity after its introduction in 1991, other products were subsequently added to the range of quality organic products. In 1994, Maya Gold was introduced as a result of a vacation the couple took to Belize. During the vacation, they met a small group of Mayan farmers who were left with a flourishing crop of cocoa trees after a large chocolate company withdrew the offer to buy the farmers’ cocoa beans. Craig and Jo bought the cocoa from the Mayan farmers and created the famous Maya Gold chocolate from these quality beans. As a result of this buying process, Green and Black earned its first Fairtrade mark with Maya Gold in the UK.

Green & Blacks Chocolates

Green & Blacks creates a number of quality organic products including chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits, and cereal bars. In addition to their standard chocolate products, the company also provides a selection of gifts and packages for all occasions, as well as a line of quality baking chocolate for home use.

Green & Blacks Chocolate Bars

Besides Green & Blacks’ famous Maya Gold Chocolate Bar, the company also produces a wide array of delicious dark, milk and white chocolate bars in a variety of amazing flavours. Some of these exciting and tantalizing chocolate bars include Almond, Ginger, Hazelnut and Currant, Cherry, Butterscotch, Espresso, Caramel, and Mint.

Green & Blacks Cereal Bars and Biscuits

Green & Blacks’ quality organic cereal bars include the delicious Almond, Cherry and Apricot Cereal Bar and the tasty Pecan, Hazelnut, Almond, and Pumpkin Seed Cereal Bar. Their biscuits are available in either Oat and Chocolate Crunch or Sultana and Cinnamon Crunch.

Green & Blacks Ice Cream

Green and Black also produces a line of exquisite organic ice cream flavours. These ice creams include the traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, as well as delicious combinations such as White Chocolate and Raspberry Swirl, Vanilla Caramel Nut and even Vanilla and Chocolate Sauce.

Baking With Green & Blacks

Green & Blacks also produces a number of home use items for the home baker. Their dark 72% chocolate or milk chocolate baking squares are ideal for measuring exactly the quantity of baking chocolate necessary for baking needs. In addition, the company manufactures a cocoa powder and a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread that makes a delightful treat when spread on a piece of warm toast and served with Green & Blacks’ quality hot chocolate.

Green & Blacks Chocolate Gifts

Green & Blacks Assorted Chocolates are a combination of fine organic chocolates with delightful centres and flavourful surprises. A package of 12 miniature chocolate bars or 45 bite sized square of Green & Blacks’ traditional organic chocolate makes an ideal favour for a dinner party or special occasion. Their packages of chocolate eggs in a variety of flavours such as butterscotch, dark or milk chocolates are ideal for Easter.

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  • H Oram

    Who bought Green & Blacks from the original founders? Thorntons? Cadburys? Whoever it was, this once highly luxurious and desirable chocolate now tastes like any other high street brand – with the same tired old sickly flavours and fillings. So disappointing. So predictable. And simply not worth bothering with anymore.

  • Chocaholic

    That is purely sad. G&B is now Kraft?! How sickening. No wonder their quality is going down and they are discontinuing great products like their unsweetened cocoa.