Godiva Chocolate Shop – 141 Regent Street

Godiva Chocolate Shop - 141 Regent Street

Godiva are also centrally located on Regent Street, half way between Leonidas and Piccadilly and just 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station and 4 minutes from Piccadilly tube station.

Score: 10/10

I did love the outside of the shop. The building was a Georgian style but with a Greek theme. The window display was Valentine’s Day themed but they took a nice, natural, unique approach to it. From the outside it looked enticing.

Score: 9/10

The Walk In
As I stepped foot in the staff looked friendly, it was well decorated but it felt strange having a counter directly in front of you. But that didn’t put me off, the chocolates were well presented and made me want to explore.

Score: 9/10

There didn’t seem to be a huge selection. There was a variety of boxed chocolates to the left and on the right there was the Valentine’s range. I seem to recall some chocolates in the middle and the truffles at the counter.

They did, however, have a range of chocolate products that weren’t present in the other stores I visited that day.

Score: 8/10

The staff did look friendly, there may have been no friendly chat with myself, but they were very helpful to another customer in the shop which indicated that if I needed any help they’ll be keen to do what they can.

Score: 9/10

The prices do seem to be reasonable, but not ‘cheap’ like Leonidas. Despite being on Regent Street I didn’t feel that the prices were aimed at tourists. A box of 12 truffles were £12.65, other shops in the area would charge 40% or 50% more.

Score: 9/10

Taste Test
Dot wasn’t too impressed by her Chocoiste that she tried, giving it only 55%. I’ll wait until I’ve tried the truffles until I give them a score.

Score: ?/10

A pleasant experience, but I’ve not tried the chocolate yet.

Score: ?/10

Can You Buy Online?
Yes, here.

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