Godiva Chocolate Truffles – 6 Box

Godiva Chocolate Truffles Box

I thought these Godiva Chocolate Truffles during my recent mystery shopping trip to London but it felt like I could have got something like this on any international flight.

Godiva Chocolate Truffles Inside The Box

The thing is that the multiple layers of packaging and the little tray inside made them look like an in-flight chocolate meal. These chocolate truffles appear mass-produced and ready for the international market where they may not be eaten straight away. Indeed, they’re best before 7th July which just proves that they’re not made with the most natural of ingredients as would be found with the Paul A. Young House Selection.

Godiva Chocolate Truffles Selection

What I was impressed with, however, was the variety of flavours. You’ve got Framboise, Traditonnelle, Fraise, Rhum, Coco, and Cappuccino chocolate truffles and, if you wanted my honest opinion, they’re not actually all that bad!

Godiva Traditionnelle Chocolate Truffle

The first I tried was the Godiva Traditionnelle chocolate truffle. This had a nice dusty shell which reminded me of the Terre à Terre Boozy Rum Truffles. You can just about pick out the dark chocolate coating against the nutty cream filling. They’re rich, soft and actually pretty nice if you wanted a mild chocolate truffle.

Godiva Framboise Chocolate Truffle

Then, as I worked around the box, I came across the Framboise chocolate truffle which had a nicely thick shell filled with a chocolate mousse and a raspberry puree which was supposed to be in the centre, but was actually at the top. But this didn’t distract from the experience which was full off sweet, fruitiness. I actually loved this one as it was more solid, but countered with a good amount of dark chocolate.

Godiva Coco Chocolate Truffle

I then had the one labelled ‘coco’ which had a white chocolate centre which was enrobed with dark chocolate with flakes of coconut which gave it a very distinct aroma. The white chocolate filling was very sweet, which combined with the coconut to blow my taste buds off. It wasn’t my most favourite as it was too sweet.

Godiva Cappuccino Chocolate Truffle

Then it was time for the Cappuccino truffle which was filled with a cream centre and enrobed by dark chocolate – again. There was a lot of dark chocolate in this one and was combined with a lovely, mild coffee flavour. The whole truffle worked well, but weren’t as many I’ve tried.

Godiva Fraise Chocolate Truffle

Next up it was the Fraise truffle which was a strawberry puree covered in a white chocolate shell and enrobed in dark chocolate. The strawberry flavour was exceptionally subtle and hardly came through at all. The white chocolate flavour was also similarly mute. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but nowhere near as flavoursome as their Framboise truffle.

Godiva Rum Chocolate Truffle

The Rhum chocolate truffle was very similar to the Fraise truffle in appearance, texture and the slightness of the flavour. I’ve had a bit of rum in my time and the flavour in this truffle just didn’t come through. It’s a shame though, as this could have been a fantastic truffle.

  • Taste: 80% – actually very nice, but a touch too sweet and artificial
  • Texture: 75% – difficult to fault. But I think the use artificial preservatives gave it a bit of an unnatural feeling
  • Appearance: 65% – the outer box looked like it was for the mass-market and then the inside left moving for the aisles.
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – could you read it? It was so small, but I could work out there were a few E numbers in the truffles
  • Price: 80% – for £6.60 they were good value and almost perfect for a quick romantic chocolate gift if you didn’t have time to select something more personal
  • Overall: 74% – nicely packaged for the suitcase, but not personal or unique enough for me


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Nutritional Information:

Godiva Chocolate Truffles Nutritional Information

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