Godiva Chocoiste – Chocolate Lover’s Remorse

After carefully peeling back the gold wrapping to photograph the dark ‘G’ embossed blocks, I left my Godiva chocolate bar at a friend’s house, so the anticipation of the taste test built over a mouth-watering 24 hours. Godiva once took me to heaven and back in a hotel room in Brussels, so I had high expectations of the Chocoiste.

Godiva dark chocolate square

Some of the design elements of Godiva are excellent but I was disappointed with the standard bar shape and unimaginative brown wrap-around. I knew that what lay in store was a sickly treat because of the Granache filling, but one gold bar later, I have to admit a treat turned into a regret.

Godive Chocoiste

The outer chocolate of the Chocoiste is dark, sweet and hard. The shell cracks satisfactorily on first contact (as long as you use your teeth and not clumsy fingers) and the creamy centre is thick enough so that the large squares don’t fall apart if you bite it in half. The outer chocolate is rich but nothing compared to the cream inside, which is the consistency of butter icing. The granache is dark like they claim but lacks any deep cocoa tones. As all soft centres remind me of chocolate fondants (earliest chocolate memories), I’d say that there is a pleasant hint of dark cherry rather than alcohol, nut or coffee.

My biggest complaint would be the size:creaminess ratio of this chocolate bar. You get four large (2 bites at least), very rich chunks. It’s like a giant truffle. Truffles are small spherical drops of heaven whereas the Chocoiste is grossly indulgent.

[This is where a close up photo should be but I was concentrating so much on the experience that it slipped my mind]

A giant golden bar of Godiva chocolate would suit me fine but filling it with a rich smooth centre takes it a step too far. I can’t think of a time when I would buy or eat this… Maybe to go with coffees on a first class train journey to Paris… but only then and only maybe. Buy this bar with extreme caution, it may lead to greedy chocolate lover’s remorse.

    • Taste: 60% – It tasted good but was a bit sweet and lacked interesting depth and tone.


    • Texture: 65% – Crunchy and creamy in one, but it could have been more crunchy and less creamy if you ask me.


    • Appearance: 50% – The ‘G’ and the gold are good but the bar and brown wrapping were ugly.


    • Nutritional Information: 50% – Mostly good clean ingredients with a few unfamiliar extras.


    • Price: 70% – £15 for 6 is not bad when you average it out, but you do have to buy 6 of these things!


  • Overall: 55% – The Chocoiste is ok, it’s nice, it tastes like chocolate, but it hardly got me excited. With such a well-known luxury chocolate brand, anything short of fireworks means disappointment. Personally, I’d rather save my chocolate appetite for something more deserving, more subtle, more elegant.


Where To Buy The Chocoiste: Chocolate Lover’s Remorse

– as part of a six assortment pack