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I’m no expert on things such as this. I don’t mean chocolate (although some may suggest that I’m not), but fertility. It’s just one of those topics you just don’t bring up, much less associate with chocolate. Well, Vanessa from Gnosis Chocolate has with her Sacred Feminine Bar. And spending half of my life in relationships I do know how their monthly cycles can really affect them, so any help, I’m sure, would be greatly appreciated.

Gnosis Handmade Raw Vegan Chocolate Information

I’m obviously too polite to ask my wife to try it and qualify the claims made on the site such as the magnesium in cacao helping soothe muscle tissue and alleviate cramps. Apparently the bar also includes Shatavari which is supposed to cleanse and strengthen the reproductive organs, there’s also Chasteberry which apparently eases the symptoms of PMS, Dong Quai, Valerian, Cramp Bark, Scullcap and Motherwort – now that’s a collection of strange-sounding names if I’ve ever seen them. But as Vanessa is a ‘board certified holistic health professional’ then I trust her that its ok for men to have this bar too.

Gnosis Handmade Raw Chocolate Mould

The packaging does look magical and engaging, and much like a bar of soap. I do love the unpretentious and uncommercial appearance which I so often get from glitzy, shiny companies. On the reverse there is very detailed information about what the chocolate contains and that the claims that she makes aren’t approved by the FDA, but the herbs are generally known to help balance women’s’ cycles – apparently.

Gnosis Handmade Raw Chocolate Structure

Inside this box there are six blocks of chocolate each with a twitter-like bird on them. As this bar came over from the USA through the normal postal system it was unsurprising that it suffered a touch of temperature shock, but I’m not going to let that distract me.

When I first tried it I think I was a touch closed-minded, but having stepped back for a few days and a touch less stressed I actually quite like it. Of course there is a central Agave Nectar flavour which is present in so many raw chocolate bars, but I actually quite like it. Other flavours I pick resemble orange and mango but there is a sharp backdrop, which again, is quite pleasant.

Many other raw chocolate bars seem to offer a metallic sensation, but there was only the very slightest sense of that here, instead it was very un-raw-like. It held together well in the mouth and offered some lovely flavours. I’m surprised I liked this as much as I did. But does it do what its supposed to? I hope so.

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  • A 2oz organic, handmade, vegan dark chocolate bar with Cacao Beans, Agave Nectar, Peaches, Shatvari, Chaste Berry, Dong Quai, Motherwort, Cramp Bark, Scullcap, Valerian, Evening Primrose Oil, Vanilla Beans and Chamomile Essential Oil.

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  • Thank you so much for your review! I am honored for your positive feedback.
    I am proud to report from personal experience and from my health clients and chocolate customers that yes, it does alleviate cramping (about 2-3 squares per day during cycle) and also, moodiness is not quite as sharp :)
    But, doesn’t all chocolate make us happier (if it’s good!?)
    Thanks again, and I am really looking forward to your reviews of the other flavors!
    Chocolate Girl Vanessa