Glico Pocky Choco Banana

I bought these Pocky Choco Banana Biscuit Stick From Thailand from the Oriental shop beneath the Tai Pan Restaurant in Liverpool for only 75p – which is a bargain! Although, I’ve found them even cheaper at the Thai Food Online store for just 59p.

I don’t think I’ve tried anything as moreish since I reviewed the Glico Pocky Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks. I generally love banana flavoured chocolate and have tried some excellent stuff in the past such as the Bovetti Banana Milk Chocolate Bar, Perky Nana and the Melt Milk Chocolate with Banana, whilst I was unsure of the Booja Booja Organic Cognac FlambĂ©ed Banana Truffles. These biscuit sticks, however are fab!

They’re not anywhere near the luxurious standard that Valrhona sets with its chocolate, but Glico have hit the “delightful chocolate snack” right on the head. I’ve neglected to count how many you get in a box, but I’d say anywhere been ten and twelve. And they’re sticks of sweet delight – delicious.

I can’t really give them a proper rating as there’s not really much chocolate in them. But I’d have to give them a quick score of 85% and I’ve reduced the score as I’d like more in a box.

Check out the Thai Food Online shop for more information.

Nutritional Information:
Sugar (35%), Palm Oil (19%), Milk Powder (18%), Wheat Flour (17%), Cocoa Powder (7%), Cocoa Mass (4%).

Also visit the official site.

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