Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread Cookies White Chocolate

Christmas certainly is a time to be thankful. However I’d be thankful any time of the year if I tried this bar of Gingerbread Cookies White Chocolate from Artisan du Chocolat. Of course, like so many other fine chocolate lovers, white chocolate is something to keep an arm’s length from, not only because it doesn’t actually contain any cacao solids, but also because its traditionally sweet beyond belief. I also don’t generally like it as it’s often got far too much of a creamy flavour and off-putting aroma. But as we draw closer to the big day I have actually found my most favourite bar of white chocolate ever.

Of course any confectionery-type bar which contains ginger and cookies I’m bound to enjoy, or at least appreciate on some level. However, this bar the flavours seem very well layered – you’ve got the archetypal sweetness of the sugar blended with the very slightest of heat and interest from the ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon with the creaminess of the cocoa butter and an underlying broad flavour of the biscuit. I’m in sweet heaven.

Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread Cookies White Chocolate Texture

It’s the aftertaste that is as long as the Yangtze River that I think adds so much to it. Even though you’ll be inclined to consume it in a repetitive fashion, if you’re able to abstain for 30 seconds or so and just let the flavours dissipate then you’ll be rewarded by a sunset glow of flavour as it gently reduces in intensity.

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