Ginger Truffles

The variety you get in selection boxes, especially ones like Paul A. Young‘s are fantastic is something that I just love. But just was the case with that selection box, when you find one that you just love then you typically have just one or, maybe, two more to enjoy. The benefit of buying a bag of one type of ganache is that if you love them then you’ve got a good number to enjoy over a week or so. And that’s the case with these ginger truffles from My Chocolate Bar.

They seem to have taken ordering offline, but recently I bought ten of these for £5 and have been looking forward to reviewing them ever since. Often I get little, elegant ones to review, which is fine up to a point. But these are big, bulky, chunky and rustic. They’re also jam-packed with flavour. The ginger is incredibly intense; it almost burns the back of the throat as it melts. If you really do love ginger, as I do, then just break one in two with your teeth and suck out the truffle centre. If you do then you’ll get the most delightful of textures in your mouth and an almost raw-like ginger flavour.

If  you do consume them with the extra-thick dark chocolate coating then you’ll still be met with a robust and punchy flavour, but it’d be somewhat restrained by the mellow flavour of the couverture chocolate. I can tell that for the next few days these would be my pre-lunch treat that I have whilst I enjoy a cuppa whilst I consider what time to break for lunch.

I really do love these, and I wish Pauline would put online ordering back!


Lee McCoy

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