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Galler ChocolatesJean Galler founded Galler Chocolatiers S.A in 1976 after graduating from the Hotel Business School of Liege and training in Paris at Gaston Lenotre. Galler is recognised as one of the most successful producers of fine Belgian chocolates. Jean’s family had owned and operated a candy store since the time of his infancy. Having been raised in the midst of luscious and delectable confectionaries, Jean’s talent and passion for chocolate making came naturally and in 1976 he expanded the family businesses into the Galler chocolaterie. Galler now has locations throughout the world and offers a wide range of delicious Belgian chocolates. The foundations on which Galler was originally built by Jean’s grandfather still remain the same today—A passion for chocolate, a love of perfection and continual creativity.

Chocolate Bars

Galler’s range of chocolate bars includes a large variety of dark, milk and white chocolate consisting of classic, filled and mini chocolate bars. Their exquisite filled bars include 22 flavours of tantalizing temptations such as dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate coconut, dark chocolate vanilla and white chocolate pistachio. Check out our review of most of the flavours in their Mini Bâtons

Tubes of Chocolate

Galler’s convenient tubes of chocolate ensure that these favourites will stay fresh and delicate for as long as possible. Tubes of chocolate are available in 5 varieties: Truffles, Orangettes, Mendiants, Tube Bouchees Lait – Wrapped Milk Hazelnut Pralines, and Tube Bouchees Noir – Wrapped Dark Hazelnut Pralines

  • Large Tube of Truffles – Galler’s house truffles consist of a praline with a light and creamy truffle centre. These fine pralines are then dusted lightly in a cocoa powder. The beautiful russet coloured tube makes for easy transport of these luxurious treats.
  • Large Tube of Orangettes – A classically sweet gift for any age, this beautifully packaged tube consists of candid orange peels elegantly smothered in Galler’s delectable dark chocolate.
  • Large tube of Mendiants – An old favourite, Galler’s mendiants are a disc of dark chocolate richly sprinkled with dried fruits and nuts for a crisp snap of sophistication in every bite.
  • Tube Bouchees Lait – Wrapped Milk Hazelnut Pralines—The centres of these classic pralines will simply melt in your mouth.
  • Tube Bouchees Noir – Wrapped Dark Hazelnut Pralines—A classic praline wrapped in Galler’s luscious dark chocolate.

Other Galler Chocolates

Galler also make a wide variety of chocolate gifts such as:

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