Galler Mini Easter Eggs

Galler Chocolate Mini Eggs Bag View

I must say I wasn’t the biggest fan of their chocolate truffles and I was glad to be given a second chance with their mini Easter eggs. I’m partial to the odd mini egg, but to place these Galler Mini Easter eggs in the same category as either the Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs or the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs would be a huge crime against chocolate. The punishment: banishment to a chocolate free land, never to return again.

Galler Mini Eggs - Group View

In each bag you get ten (ish) mini eggs in a variety of flavours. In my bag I had two dark chocolate coated eggs, one in the red wrapping and one in the green. The red one had a darker praline filling with the green one with a much lighter praline. There was also a lilac-wrapped mini egg which had a white chocolate shell and a golden-wrapped egg had a milk chocolate mini egg.

Galler Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs

The first I tried was the dark chocolate mini egg with the lighter praline filling. This one had more of a peanut butter flavour than the others but held it well against the dark chocolate and had a very pronounced salt flavour that brought the hazelnut tones through. The texture was more granular, but still fantastic.

Galler White Chocolate Mini Egg

I next tried the lilac-wrapped white chocolate mini egg. I normally don’t go for white chocolate, but in this case I’d buy a bag of these on their own. They’re soft, delicate with an almost flowery edge to the flavour but with a touch of saltiness at the very end. Worth trying!

Galler Milk Chocolate Mini Egg

And now for the milk chocolate mini egg. This one had more of a sweet nose to it and more of a stiff resistance in the mouth which was fully occupied with the dullest tones. You’ll actually find parts of it seeping into its deepest recesses.

Galler Dark Chocolate Mini Egg

Lastly, the dark chocolate mini egg with the dark praline. It felt like the shell on this one was thicker and a touch more bitter – but it’s difficult to tell given their size. It did feel like there was more kick and more chocolate through the middle. I could easily devour a bag of these too as the flavours combined to give an overal wonderful experience.

  • Taste: 80% – I must admit I loved these. The praline wasn’t too prominent and the variety of flavours interesting.
  • Texture: 80% – the praline centres were smooth in the main and the chocolate shell offers sufficient resistance
  • Appearance: 80% – they do look great I must admit
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – there isn’t a huge amount. But people with nut allergies surely wouldn’t buy pralines?
  • Price: 80% – they’re £4.25 for the 100g which is great value when you consider the quality.
  • Overall: 78% – definitely worth trying if you get the chance

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Nutritional Information:

Galler Mini Eggs Nutritional Information

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