Galaxy Chocolate A Gift For You

What gives chocolate bloggers the right to say that many millions of people around the world are wrong? I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve stood in the chocolate aisle of the various supermarkets around the country and saw mothers, young ladies and all sorts of men reach straight for the Galaxy chocolate bars without seemingly taking a blind bit of notice of any other confectioner. I know I’m partial to chocolate buttons and can consume anything sort of chocolate that requires picking at such as the Galaxy Counters, but what of the special ‘A Gift For You’ version of the Galaxy Caramel?

It’s still light on the cocoa content which is what appeals to so many people, but it now contains vegetable oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified sources. The packaging may be open about the vegetable oil fact, but there’s no little green logo on it. I suppose at Christmas people in the main aren’t so concerned with ethics, and those who are would probably buy their loved-one a goat. But seeing as you’re generally not allowed to stuff one of those in a Christmas stocking and hang it above the fire, your best bet is to get you little-ones ┬ásome chocolate that at least supports an ethical cause.

A good number of chocolate stocking fillers have already crossed my lips already as the year draws to a dark conclusion. And seeing as they’ve been gracing the shelves of many a supermarket since at least early September, I’m sure many have already bought these small Galaxy chocolates already. For myself I’m not the world’s most ardent fan of milk chocolate and caramel – I leave that to others in this household. But I can appreciate why so many people buy Galaxy chocolate as a matter of course.

The chocolate is smooth, creamy and appeals to people’s most base indulgent needs. You’ll get a rush of the sugar, along with the typical mild chocolaty taste. And if you’re buying chocolate stocking fillers for people, that’s exactly what you want. Christmas is all about satiating those cravings. Some people will desire gourmet chocolate, whilst others much prefer chocolate of the Galaxy ilk. And what’s wrong with that? Give people what they want I say.

Prices vary around the country, but if you do prefer to make your own Christmas stockings up rather than buy them pre-made┬áthen I’m sure these will figure in many – I find those pre-packaged selection packs boring anyway.

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  • These chocolate looks yummy and different from the other chocolate packs.