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We all have our own unique indulgent moments, but what could be more indulgent than satisfying your chocolate urges with a bag of chocolate treats in the form of new Galaxy Bites? At only 54p (RRP) and in shops from 23rd May, what more could you need?

Galaxy Bites Inside

When I go to the cinema, the adverts that precede the film are taken up with me chain-eating Minstrels. But not only is cinema confectionery hugely expensive bbut you can also get bored of the same treat every time. This is why these little light bites of galaxy chocolate enrobed caramel balls have come at the right time. I expect you’re the same, you’ll greatly appreciate what Galaxy have done here.

Galaxy Bites Texture

Working hard as you probably do you don’t get much time away from the desk. You’ll have chocolate cravings about 3:30pm. You’ll sit there, like I do, wishing I could have some chocolate to re-energise with. But you’ve still got to get your reports done so you just can’t be seen holding a bar of chocolate and not having your fingers go tippy-tap on the keyboard. The solution that chocolate companies have found is to offer their popular products in a convenient grab bag style, and now you can get your favourite Galaxy chocolate combined with light caramel in bag form.

If you’ve got a handbag bite-sized chocolate treats don’t get knocked about by your purse, make-up, keys or anything – they’ll last those few short hours sat under your desk or in your draws ready to be savoured when you need some “me time”. To me, that’s what convenience food is all about. It’s about satisfying urges on your terms.

I make no bones about it, you can’t move in your supermarket aisles these days without being bombarded with bags of this, that and the other. The choice is bewildering. Do I go for Minstrels because I love them, Maltesers because they’re light, Revels, Planets? To be honest I don’t know. Every day I seem to want something different depending on my mood, how much of a treat I deserve and how I’m going to consume it.

Even though my first passion is artisan chocolate with the complex flavours and just adore how fine chocolate makers tinker with recipes and processes, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ll happily work my way through some treats like these Galaxy Bites on a train journey. Now I have tried them and discovered how light they taste, I know I’ll certainly be moving over to these when I have my confectionery cravings during the next 10 months as I prepare for the London Marathon.

One of the problems I have with most confectionery is how intensely sugary they taste, that’s why I have them a lot less than I used to, but I was actually very much surprised with the mellowness of these Galaxy Bites. The caramel inside isn’t as over-powering than I had expected. You still get the Galaxy chocolate flavour but your taste buds aren’t forced to work overtime. Instead the sweetness is more of a gentle wash over them.

I’m now in trouble. I’ve consumed eleven of them as I’ve typed. I was supposed to leave half a packet for my wife and I’ve only got two left. She absolutely loves treats like this. It’s time for my fingers to work over-time and find a florist. Or I could just give her one of these other bags I have?

If you wanted to win three bags, then we do have a competition where we’re giving away 75 bags of Galaxy Bites (thanks to the guys there!).

Where To Buy The New Galaxy Bites
  • I expect pretty much everywhere from next weekend.

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  • Natalie Tate

    Bewarwe of the confectionary cravings its terrible! Im marathon training now and I have never craved such sugar as I do now…horrendous!

  • Lindsay

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog post which was such a horrendously obvious advert. From the cheesy language to the “casual” references to other Mars products.. it might not have been so bad if Galaxy Bites were not so completely rubbish and mediocre beyond belief. I have lost faith.

  • michael


  • Kingdomeceri

    caramel soft won’t buy again

  • Manuboss

    its ok but the caramel is to soft minsters r better snm

  • Totallyswag

    i lik it i nice and soft and juicy full of cola nice like rice and tingz blad init haha janoez dey nned 2 do a minstrel 1 car minster r SEXY BLAD standard procedures (jokez) minstrel r peng car der like chicken nice on da inside and outside inabit boss

    Ponny jazal 20 bradford