Feeding Your Imagination Beautiful White Chocolate

White chocolate is seemingly one of those things, much like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I’m generally in the later camp as it often comes across too sweet, too sickly and with a strange after taste. So it was very surprising to actually find one I liked. Paul sent me over a massive selection of his bars to try and I naturally gravitated to this one because it was a A Great Taste Award winner. At that stage I didn’t know it was white chocolate, I seem to have a blind spot for those words when it comes to packaging.

Beautiful White Chocolate Shine

Of course I’m a huge fan of citrus flavours and the acidity of bergamot usually works well against the mild tons of white chocolate, whilst the cinnamon serves to under-pin that swirling creaminess to broaden the range of flavours. It would have been so easy for this white chocolate to make the mistake that so many others do. Thankfully this bar isn’t overly sweet. It offers a much more rounded experience.

During the summer I think this bar would be well suited to the warmer weather as a great deal less intense and claggy than milk chocolate. But I found the brand and packaging curious. It had more of an American feel than British. The bars come in big, sturdy gift boxes of three whilst each was wrapped in an Amedei style wrap – instead these had some ribbon holding them closed. This all gave it the feel of an “experience” chocolate – not just a bar you pick off the shelf to satisfy an urgent craving, but a bar more focused on being less ephemeral. Indeed these are bars that I’d imagine people will nibble at each and view as a journey through, rather than consume them one by one.

This white chocolate bar was called “Beautiful”, just as New Tree do, others include Fantastic, Lovely, Gorgeous, Mistress, Seductive, Fruity, Yin, Yang, Sexy and Sensual – I think I’m going to be busy this summer! If you wanted to try some for yourself FYI will be at the  Speciality Fine Food Show – Olympia Exhibition Centre, London – Sept 4th – 6th 2011 on stand 979. I attended last year and it was great. Unfortunately I’ll be on the beach then in the middle of the Atlantic – but say Hi from me if  you’re going.

Where To Buy This Beautiful White Chocolate


  • Taste: 75% – very good for white chocolate
  • Texture: 75% – others have a chalky texture, but this was more soft and creamy
  • Appearance: 70% – I like the novel approach to the packaging
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – very good dietary information, plus there’s some other good information on their website
  • Price: 70% – when it comes to an online price with the gift box I do think they’re very good value for money
  • Overall: 73% – definitely worth trying


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