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After a serious of fine, dark chocolate, I thought it’d be nice to have a break from the high-brow stuff and review something a little more fun and whimsical. Here I have a six piece selection box of fudge from Fudge Kitchen – some of which have chocolate in, and there others … well I don’t need an excuse to eat fudge.

One thing I have found is that the traditional slices of fudge you can buy are generally too large for one person, and despite my wife loving sweet stuff, it’d be too much for her to polish off too, so it’s nice to have more manageable pieces of fudge. Over the past few years I’ve reviewed quite a few of their treats as well as having a demonstration at the Bath shop and I do actually very much enjoy what they do, so I knew I was going to find these rather fantastic.

The first I tried was the Vintage Vanilla and Walnut, which although sweet had a pleasant mellowness to it, which I think was helped by the walnut, which adds more roundness to the flavour. This was followed by the Double Trouble Chocolate which I loved when I had some from their store. It has a degree of tartness which you can feel at the back of your throat, but here it tastes less sweet than I remember it to. It also has a slight alcoholic characteristic, although it certainly doesn’t contain any booze. And here it get confused as there’s one piece of fudge that has a walnut on top but actually looks like it should be the Orange and Cranberry, but it shouldn’t have as from the menu it should have been the citric one. Anyway, I liked it.

The next was certainly the Sea Salted Caramel which just completely blasted my taste buds out of the atmosphere. The salt just made the sugar taste even more sweet and you’ll have that flavour sitting on your tongue for an age afterwards. Certainly enjoy this one with a cup of tea!

The chocolate and coconut was a milder affair – at first. The coconut flavour was present throughout the melt and lingered afterwards. The combination of flavours was most pleasant and led me into a much softer white chocolate and raspberry piece of fudge. Again this one tasted mild at first, until the intense sweetness built up and worked with the similar character of the raspberry to really be an overpowering sugary sensation.

Overall this six piece fudge selection box is certainly not one to be consumed in a few minutes, as I have, but to be savoured, one at a time. I’d suggest the perfect way to enjoy these is to get home from work, cook yourself quick and almost meaningless, and relax in bed with a magazine and something on telly, and then just have the one piece very slowly.

Where To Buy These Fudge Selections
  • Fudge Kitchen – I think you can only buy this from their retailers?

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