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My patience is legendary in our house. Very little gets me in a flap. But trying to take photos of these new gourmet butter fudge squares from Fudge Kitchen really did get me riled. You see, when you get chocolate goodies through the post you don’t want to spend half an hour trying to take the perfect photo, you just want to tuck in. So after far too long I gave in and decided to use some of the photos the wonderful Emily at Fudge Kitchen set over – and I think they convey the sheer indulgence of these things than I ever could! You see, if you want zenith of what the confectionery world can offer in terms sweet delight then you shouldn’t look any further.

Over the last couple of years I’ve reviewed a fair amount of fudge from these guys and although I love what they do, I’ve never been able to eat a whole slice from their normal selection  – and that annoys me. I don’t like confectionery to get the better of me, and they always did. So thankfully they’ve no created these small squares of butter fudge which measure 5cm x 5cm x just fewer than 3cm and are the perfect size for casual indulgence.

Fudge Kitchen sent over seven in various flavours including: Belgian Chocolate Swirl, Mocha Choca Latte, Rich Chocolate Classic, Chocolate Coconut and the three I’m going to review today – the After Dinner Mint, White Chocolate & Raspberry and the Chocolate Orange and Chilli.

I just wasn’t able to resist the sound of the mint one which just melted slowly in the mouth, filling it with pure joy. Just as their other fudge the flavours were intense and clean but as it was made from butter fudge rather than their usual mixture the texture was somewhat different – it seemed to hold together longer and was much more velvety. I truly enjoyed this one as every sense seemed to be tantalised and had a very addictive salt-like taste (but there was none in it).

The White Chocolate and Raspberry butter fudge was a great deal more solid than the previous and did have the traditional flat white chocolate taste but was punctuated by a significant hit of raspberry. This is probably because there is most certainly a very liberal dose of the fruit (18%). It may not have been my favourite out of the two so far, but what it does offer is a more mellow experience and would probably appeal to different people than the zippy mint version.

The Orange and Chilli wasn’t as punchy as I thought it be. There was a hefty orange characteristic to the aroma and a very sweet flavour but the chilli only really started to kick in after everything had melted. I rarely have enough chilli in chocolate, and that’s the case here. I would have liked more chilli than orange, but I know the vast majority of people (including my wife) would appreciate the balance of flavours as it is.

Of course fudge is supposed to be sweet and in relative moderation. The problem is that’s perfectly possible with boring fudge, or the fudge you find in most supermarkets. The issue I have here is that this isn’t any ordinary fudge. This is fudge with robust flavours which are meant to offer so much more – and they achieve that. They’re very much in the Lucky’s mould in that they’re bite-sized gourmet treats and probably also a step or two above the mass-market alternatives in terms of price. But, I couldn’t actually give you a price just yet as they’re not on sale (but will be online here), but I know they’ll be worth it.

I know my first love is dark chocolate, but how can anyone resist a flavoursome and powerful hit offered by these fudge squares?

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Quick Rating:
  • 75% – “sweet” is an understatement! A lovely texture and full of flavour.


  • Fudge Kitchen sent me them to review


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