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I very much enjoyed the last selection of fudge treats from Fudge Fancies as they were sweet, indulgent and full of flavour. It was most unfortunate that I’ve only just been able to review these four truffle-shaped fudge treats now, seeing as Michael has stopped taking orders for Christmas delivery now. That’s such a shame as they would be great for someone that has a sweet tooth but prefers not to line the pockets of big brands.

The last selection of fudge Michael sent was in a delightful cylindrical form whilst these are in the typical spherical truffle shape. I couldn’t see them on his website so I don’t exactly know which is in each but I know this first white chocolate one with flashes of dark chocolate have an Advocat and custard flavour which I actually found very enjoyable. There’s a pleasant dusty texture but a very soft shell which mitigates, somewhat, the very soft, delicate and rich fudge centre. I only have two in the box, but I most definitely could do with more.

The secondly there was another white fudge ‘truffle’ coated by what seems a light dark chocolate. This one had less of a pronounced flavour as it is dominated by the sweetness of the fudge, but I did pick out (perhaps incorrectly) some almond flavours. I think I actually preferred the more direct flavours of the first, but did find the contrast of the darker chocolate shell very pleasant.

The third brought the sweetness back again, but I feel as the sweetness of the previous two that I can’t pick out the centre flavours. I can see that there are some inclusions in the fudge but am unable to determine what they are.

Overall I’d say this fudge us very much for somebody with a sweet tooth and would appreciate a change from the traditional chocolate fair. It’s unfortunate that I’ve missed this review so that people aren’t able to order in time for Christmas, but I have no problem suggesting them as a suitable wedding favour.

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