Fruition Brown Butter 43% Milk Chocolate

There are few milk chocolates that make me absolutely weak at the knees. And even though this uses Dominican beans that can be a bit brutish and uncouth, the sweet, addictive flavours are simply out of this world. It’s made from what I expect is Concado DR beans along with browned butter from the Ronnybrook Farm Dairy which is local to Bryan. Although I’m generally no fan of vanilla and chocolate, I can only say that it unequivocally enhances the experience in this bar.

Frution Brown Butter Milk Chocoolate

For some reason the profile reminds me very of Fruition’s Bourban Barrel Aged Dark Milk¬†as the notes at the back of the throat mimic those sweet, caramel-like flavours which just flash instances of liqour at you as the melt subsides. Before that, however, your taste buds will be deep-tissue massaged with cream and caramel. And even minutes after the melt has completed the tips of your tongue and your inner cheeks will still be pounded with comforting flavour. I cannot overstate how divine this is from a milk-chocolate point of view.


Again, this is another bar that Cocoa Runners have in their wide selection. I absolutely adore it.


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