Fortnum & Mason Rosé Champagne Truffles

Fortnum & Mason Rose Champagne Truffles Box View

Sometimes I wish I kept the other truffles to compare them. My theory with these Fortnum & Mason Rosé Champagne Truffles is that I’ve tasted them before, but perhaps they just have a very similar taste to the Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles and that’s no good thing. Those truffles were just £6, whilst these from Fortnum & Mason actually cost me £15 for 125g – yikes!

I must admit the box does look fantastic and reminds me very much of the Charbonnel et Walker truffles. In actual fact I think it was the design of the packaging that encouraged me to part with my cash, I’m sure it would do for you too.

Fortnum & Mason Rose Champagne Truffles Inside The Box

These Rosé Champagne Truffles are made with Fortnum’s own Rosé Champagne which probably excludes them being made by any major highstreet chocolatier. But can you taste the quality of the Champagne? I don’t think so.

Fortnum & Mason Rose Champagne Truffles Single View

I must admit that when you actually open up the box, I was very much disappointed. I seem to prefer the soft delicate ones that say Paul A. Young makes or even, on occasion the hard shelled ones from Charbonnel et Walker. These seemed to be a half-way house, without being either crunchy or soft. They actually reminded me of the texture of my hallway – which I’ve been meaning to plaster over for the last couple of years.

Fortnum & Mason Rosé Champagne Truffle Centre

The aroma is somewhat artificial. I couldn’t quite place it, but it didn’t induce any involuntary drooling. But how to they taste? Actually they’re not bad. They’re very moorish because they’re not at all overwhelming. The taste begins fairly mild and then becomes a great deal sweeter at the end. In fact, I’ve just polished off about five of them in a row so they can’t be too bad. My problem is, however, I can polish off a bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs without thinking, so that fact shouldn’t be an indication of the quality of the Fortnum & Mason Truffles.

I’m actually feeling disappointed by these chocolate truffles. I expected so much more given their brand. If it comes down to it, I’d much prefer to pay the £6 for the Hotel Chocolat truffles and save the other £9 for something else.

  • Taste: 65% – nice but far below my expectations
  • Texture: 65% – above average, but not remarkable
  • Appearance: 70% the outside looked a lot better than the inside –
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – pretty good
  • Price: 50% – not worth the money
  • Overall: 66% – I wouldn’t buy them again


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