Fortnum & Mason Mexican Mole Spice 70% Dark Chocolate

Fortnum & Mason Mexican Mole Spice 70% Dark Chocolate

To most people Fortnum & Mason is an indicator of quality and enjoyment. Well that’s not a truism – especially when it comes to this Mole Spice 70% dark chocolate bar. Perhaps it’s because it’s a touch out of date or I just don’t like it but this bar was wide of the mark for me.

I know believe that Fortnum & Mason don’t make their own bars, so perhaps someone else is to blame for this bar, but the flavourings are way too overpowering for the natural dark chocolate notes to come through. When testing the aroma all I can are mulled-wine and orange – that’s it, nothing more. Thankfully the actual flavour wasn’t as dominated as the aroma. In fact, I didn’t actually pick up a great deal.

Fortnum & Mason Mexican Mole Spice 70% Dark Chocolate

At first there was a fairly strong marzipan tone which gave way to the slightest orange and then on to a warming spice which actually left my through feeling warm like a glass of whisky. Perhaps I’d been too quick to judge. Perhaps this bar of chocolate isn’t actually all that bad?

The texture might have been only better than average, which may be due the fact that it was past its best before date, but it could have been a lot worse as each bite did yield a good, solid feeling in the mouth. It certainly didn’t exhibit a creamy or smooth feel but it certainly wasn’t unpleasant.

After a few nibbles I’m actually starting to like the bar. I’m definitely feeling glad I saved it for a cold, wet miserable day as I doubt I would have enjoyed these Christmassy flavours on a hot sunny August day (did we have one?).

So I have changed my mind in a Simon Cowell kind of way. Visually it was average, aromatically it was off-putting, but flavour-wise I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought.

  • Taste: 65% – mmm it was alright, but I wouldn’t seek it out again
  • Texture: 65% – nothing special to be honest
  • Appearance:65% – again, nothing out of the ordinary
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – there was a decent amount of nutritional information and a touch of a story
  • Price: 65% – I don’t think it was worth the £5 or so I paid for it in March or so
  • Overall: 66% – mmm. It’s alright, nothing special

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Nutritional Information:
  • Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract), mole (6%) (Chile mulato, Chile ancho, Chile pasilla, Chile chipolte, almonds, tortilla, thyme, clove, coriander, allspice, hojan Santa leaves).
  • Contains Soya and Nuts, may contain traces of milk, sesame, egg proteins, gluten and peanut
  • A minimum of 70% cocoa solids

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  • chocablog

    @chocolatereview I believe Artisan make that bar. Wasn’t really my thing either.

  • Mum

    Aroma – A lovely balance of sweetness and cocoa bitterness. Taste – Very unusual, but couldn’t work out why! It had quite a spicy and nutty aftertaste. Impressive classy packaging.